Saturday, July 30, 2011

Study bug

Never to love..
things cannot be said so easily..i had just attend a three hours and 15 minutes account lesson with no space for breathing..i have 25 chapters left for trial exam, that is quite a lot since we had to cover 78 chapters before we can atcually step into that exam..
i don't remember doing and working hard on my PMR trial exam..i mean, trial is trial, people wanna see the real thing..
but i don't wanna let others look down on me, so i'm just going to work my butt off the remaining 25 chapters..

i just found out that i really loathe studying those kind of subjects that need a lot of reading..
i love working, not reading, if i ever take up form 6, i really need to take math or account or else i will be brain dead, i want to think, i don't want to read..

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