Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kolej Installation Galaxy Night 2011

Goodness me oh, i will never never sing again, NEVER! they say don't break a leg, but i broke my voice on stage..i didn't have enough breath at the end..i had to keep singing the chorus which is just too HIGH..i went off like an inflated balloon at the end..and kept on groaning and groaning about my mistake until the end of the night..
URGH, i just threw off my biggest chance to shine on stage for the first and the last time?

so, i guess my first time in an installation event is kinda nice..THE BELLYDANCING is what i'm most interested at..after watching them dance, i had made up my mind that after SPM, i'm not going to go record a demo (since i figure out i CANT SING), i'm going to learn belly dance again! Three years absent from the belly dance world, i wonder if i am able to shake that waist and hip again..oh my..oh my...i just hope nothing will stop me from learning dancing since i'm moving to Jitra..i had to drive myself for at least half an hour to reach there..
better start saving for petrol money

So we snap photo after photo, i WAS 156 cm and then after wearing my oxford booties, i turn out to be 167cm i am atcually elated to be towering over people who once towered over me..LOL..but at one point i wore it wrongly and it cut straight on my the time i am intime to fix it, there was a bloody red spot on my leg..i adjust it, ran to find Ah Ban for plaster and she save my day from whimpering..oh curse those cuts..

My temporary band members..THE MAXTREME!! kay, the drummer is not here..=.=''i derno where he goes, usually he wanted to be the centre of the spotlight and now he is not inside our band photo..this will make him go berserk..
From leftL: Wei Ying (Vocalist/keyboardist), Ann (vocalist/2nd guitarist), Jackson? i derno his name (1st guitarist), Hong Yi (bassist), Ling Siao (vocalist/keyboardist)

Annick came back all the way and went back at 8 o'clock? It's such a short period..=.='' 
So how do i rate that night, despite the fact that i broke my voice...
i like the breakdancing, dancing and all the dancing..
but i went back tooo early..

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