Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cage up

My parents objected me in taking part in what i am passionate about..
i pour heavy rains all over my face when my mum got fed up at my constant bugging for her to bring me go jamming..For god sake, i've only been ONCE, will there be any harm for letting me go another timee?I cried and cried..i ask my mum why won't she support me,..i thought she was the only one who understand, who wanted me to go all out to stand out..

I went to school looking like a dead, i lay on my table ..i've already plan what i'm going to wear, what i'm going to do during installation..everything turns upside down..I feel like the world is coming to an end..that night, during chemistry, my teacher was teaching about sleeping pills..she said people took HUGE amount of sleeping pills to comide suicide..i suddenly feel like asking her if it hurts if we use that way..
I AM atcually thinking of comiding suicide?!
what was i thinking..
but i was too feels like somebody ask me to give up music FOREVER

I've been swimming in my school, at tuition...this is my very first performance..i'm looking forward to it, anticipating can't take it all away! NO!

in the end..i force myself to ask my father's permission..(he doesn't even know this event)
he gave me a very very stern talk..i feel like i'm talking to my school's principle instead..
then he let me go but he warn me not to take any part in any activities after that..

who says my parents support me in music?
in my dreams..

Shirtdress: Forever 21
Clown Vest: Shop @ Sungei wang
Shoe: dancing shoes
Bow: KPM

Ps: dear sister, if you're ever reading this..shhh!

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