Thursday, July 21, 2011

Harry Potter and deathly hallows part 2

I cried buckets just to let my parents let me watch this movie..and i finally get to watch it ..It's AWESOME..but the front part was a bit of turn off...but when the war between hogwart school and the nose-less TOM RIDDLE and his coward death eaters, it's awesome..
I remember the sixth movie where David Yates put a lot of love humour inside..
this time, the movie lack of humour..
but what do you expect, it's suppose to be war, man.

The snogging part between ROn and Hermione is even akward and SOOO NOT in the book..
a lot of part is not based on the book, i wonder why..
and the final part is a total laugh..they made all the cast looked 19 years older and it turn out like Rupert Grint haven't shave his moustache for a long time..
Anyway, as a die-hard fan of Harry Potter, i will like the movie no matter how badly DAVID YATES directed it..(i still prefer Chris Columbus as the director)

after watching the show, i went back and re-read the book again, sooo many holes and pitch black in it..
I hope Harry Potter will not die like Lord Of THE RING..


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