Thursday, April 1, 2010


Guys, im soooo sick of myself..sooo many changes these days..
My parents kept bugging me, askin me to take art stream..Im sooo fed up, because each time i talk about chemistry and physic to them, they don't feel the slightest interest of what i'm saying..CAN"T THEY JUST SUPPORT ME INSTEAD OF DEGRADING ME?? this will lead my science to disaster if they kept going on like that..

i mean if you want my result to be good, why kept turning your nose up each time i complain that i can't get physics in my brain??YOU should help me up! instead of telling me "I TOLD YOU SO!!"

Too bad, i can't understand a word the definition of accounts..i just memorize the format..and to my point of view, MEMORIZING is NOT GOOD for studying..the most important thing is you must UNDERSTAND.. That is how i study my HISTORY..building stories up in your brain while you imagine the civilization of Mesopotamia and blah blah..

I didnt take Biology...but i love science since i was form one..Due to great complication, i decided to follow my sister's footstep by taking half science and arts..
i used to failed math (yes, no kidding, i failed math) i used to failed Chinese (no surprise, because the language i speak sounded like a foreigner trying to talk chinese) and oh yeah, during my primary school day, i failed science all the time..(endless, because it was in chinese)

Now, huh! im coping with math really well, my chinese - borderline, trying hard not to fail it again and i love science soo much i could eat it in my who say Middle School result could predict the future of your intelligence?Although i suck soo much during my pre-school year, it doesn't mean i'll be stupid till death came knocking on my door.. Much ado about nothing...because once a human being is growing up (In a right way) they would tend to realize the importance of building a future ahead of them..

Don't look down on yourself,
Don't look down on others too
Because they may have a better future then you
for the next five years..
who knows?


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