Thursday, April 15, 2010


im feeling like i dont wanna leave school anymore
People are treating me soooo god damn nice
School is moving so swiftly
and then some rumours spread out to my mum saying that i'm misbehavin at school
and i was like

If this things DO happen, i wouldnt ask for any transfer in the first place..
GOD SAKE, do you trust rumours..or your daughter? ASK THE TEACHER AROUND MY SCHOOL!!! they'll be telling you, im busy rehearsing for this ANUGERAH CEMERLANG..not doing things i SHOULD not be DOING..

this's too going to my mum's school because she thought im doing something..not at my own will..i just agreed because i HATED each time they DO NOT TRUST ME..
i wonder what would happen after i go there..
will they give me my freedom back? or nothing would have change?
so what's the use of changing school anyway? If i don't get what i seriously need
i just found out that if i want to study AUDIO ENGINEERING
i seriously need PHYSIC

Haiz...what to do..
okay, skip this frusrating part..
let's talk about me and my braces
i've been wearing it for 3 yrs now..
wearing it, i'm used of the sarcastic mocks and jokes about my braces
some call it 'PAGAR" (Fences) , some call it METAL..
and this year, i'll be taking it off..
sooo sad..
but on the other hand im soooo atcually see my teeth again

i am known of my signature smile..which is GLEE-ing (not in this pic)
it somehow looks like someone had just place piano keys all over my mouth and i couldnt close it
so, if i'm gone one day, please remember my signature smile..


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