Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gbye teacher!!!

 Gbye, my Chemistry Teacher!!!
Ms Nabilah!!
okay, she's 24 yrs old, trainee teacher who had a husband that looks like Pitbull
And today is her last day..and too bad..i got some rehearsal going on downstair, i didnt get to enjoy the party ..LOLZ!!!sooo sad..but i manage to ate my mash potatoes, and snap some random pichaz of her
Do you know that if she's gone, the other Chemistry teacher would continue to teach us back? Do you know how disasterous it could be?? She'll be saying "molecool MoLECOOL"
urgh..Ms Nabilah..
even though, i dont usually attend Chemistry classes (because of the practices) i really think you're the one that pull our Chemistry grades up..

Hehe, Leng lui Jia Wen...caught a candid shot of you..bluek
Lolz...Xin Ning..our vice-monitor of the class

This girl is SUPER pretty..and SUPER cute..yet, she's SUPER quiet too..
so, practically, we didnt socialize well..haha

So now, back to normal, Chemistry class will be dead boring..
but i will not be sleeping because i will be laughing my head off..
listening to this old teacher talking about "MOLECOOL MOLECOOL" instead of molecule..

this is SUPER hard


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