Thursday, April 22, 2010

Anugerah Cemerlang Convent Alor Star

Oh yeah, it's finally over
and it turn out awful..

Okay, first problem was my's CLARK's shoe for god's can it hurt you if it's CLARK's shoe????? I ended up walking like some shark had just bit my toe, and you can see how deep the blister is...Ouch..

Second prob...i almost MISS Choir..I don't know what happen, but MDM CHUA came shouting my name, saying it's an emergency and brought me to the other side of the hall..she said there's a few technical probs..and want me to play the piano AGAIN..har? how can i play the piano when i'm suppose to be IN LINE with the CHOIR on STAGE??? I ran like mad when she said i can go already..the whole team were already up on stage..i was like deciding should i go up and join them, or just stay where i am..LOLZ..

21 guns were out of timing..and i was practically sulking trough the song..there's no feel in's worst then practice..and my pink panther octave higher is totally out of tune..

but who wants to be pessimist? we had really great time..snapping loads of pichaz..
Me and SuYin..(Whoever snap this photo, i wanna thank her very very much, it's a very good angle..)

Joe Zhen..lolx...thanks for showing your legs...

From top left, Yee Ping, Amal, JoeZhen and SUNAree..XD (we're waiting for all the girls to doll themselves bored.)
Me, Sir Chan and Janice..Mr Chan look sooooo scary right? purposely de..

Our school electric guitar adn Yee Ping's sexy white guitar..

One whole troop of us, symphony in black, while choir in traditional clothes..
from left (me, sunaree(background) Jor Shin, Jan, Yee ping, Hazel(background)Sir Chan, K.JoeZhen, suYin, JiaWen and WeiYing)

Me, Mdm Chua (our mother XD) and SuyIn.

Me and Sharon...she can be a model ady..

adorable little troop..Mdm chua, Wei Ying, SuYin and Vern..

as i say, i can't resist music, choral speaking and friends


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