Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What happen?

I think as time gets faster..
im feeling better too..
because i found my healer
that is being ignorance..
and everything will not hurt me
(HA, some stupid quote)

Just yesterday Angie (my dear godsister) took my smartcard(school's student card, which is in a state where it looks like it  had just fell into the toilet bowl) and told me that she wants to keep it as a remembrance..
HOW touching..sob sob..
and then she fed me (yes, like i'm still in diapers) today because she say there will never be anymore chances next time since i'm going off..next week? Sob..im still having second thoughts..i need to tell my mum that i suddenly feel like i don't wanna leave school.

Annick came to school at last..
she's soo neat and tidy because her fringe was pinned up..
but very fatigue..i'm sooo afraid if i touch her, she would just fall...
I'm sooo glad i was the first one that saw her get off the car with her mum
I gave her a big hug..
but then she went home after an hour? because she was too sick..Awh..when wil she be  back to school like her usual days? It's like she never exist in this school anymore..
.I wish you the best of luck, Get WELL SOON, and don't let the ants bite you..

I just found out one incredible way to make you feel happy even though you feel like breaking someone's neck or cry buckets..

Attitude 101-being ignorant
and you'll be lucky enough
to live your day till tomorrow..

I don't give a damn of that FFF thing..
and i don't give a FFFF of that FFF thing..

to me..
Shopping and music heals my mood
ignorance is my new best friend
i only choose that when i am bound to something i do not want to hear or see


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