Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shopping Spree

Oh seriously, shopping is essential for a shopaholic like me..
i could write in my BOOK of REcords that i haven't been shopping for the past ONE month??
What am i? Flinstone's Daughter?

I miss Bukit Bintang at KL..i used to go there last year every holiday..
The shopping spree of KL..i've know every nooks and corner over there..
By staying at Bukit Bintang..i could go FIVE shopping centres there just by walking..
(Yes, WALK as in foot)

Sungei Wang will be the first step...that's like a TEENAGE GALORE over there...i'll be soooo HUNGRY..practically all my clothes seem to be from there..You will meet people as young as your little sister that dresses up like she's twenty-one..You will meet weird people, the one working is as young as thirteen, everywhere you go, all the teenagers will be walking all over you..New fashion trends start from there..They took up Taiwan and Japan fastest trends..SAVE you budget..because you don't need to have loads of money to get in their store..I MISS SUNGEI WANG!! HUNGRY HUNGRY...

From Sungei Wang, i would walk over to Time crossing the bridge over the main road..after Metrojaya closed down, my mum do not like Time Square anymore...but my generation kind of stores is still living..besides there's one branch of weird store call 'I-SOCKS' which had four branches spreading all over Time Square..they are BONDAGE kind of WEIrd people selling WEIRD clothes where you normally see it in in a GOTH way? They had even two shop lot where they do it like a musuem..ONLY MEMBERS ALLOWED..everytime my sister and i walked past there, we would peep in to see how the workers are wearing..CHAINS, SKUlls, FISHNETS and lots of scary peices..i remember once i went in one of their shops to buy a pair of leggings..the salesgirl hair was like YELLOW in colour? her fishnets had holes, she had a stud on her nose and she wore socks over her fishnets..i was terrified, the whole shop was like SUPER DARK with a hint of green light beeping on the ceiling..gosh..But i spend most of my time at BORDERS dumping my nose in magazines and novels and songbooks and manga and general books...and oh yeah, most of the movies i watched, i watch it at Time Square too..gosh...I MISS TIME SQUARE!!

Ok, after Time Square..walk back to Sungei Wang and from there, just hop next door to Lot 10, the only GREEN colour shopping centre...Nothing much there that i would go HUNGRY..After ROMP closes it's branch there, i completely stare into air each time my mum walks in to ISETAN..There's a new foodcourt down there and holly, it's like someone dump a whole load of people inside it..Ha..but i do not love Lot 10..NAH UH

From Lot 10, walk to Pavillion..YES!!! BRANDED GALORE IS THERE!!!!!! MY schoolbag came from there, my pencil came from there, my sneakers came from there but that's all because im too young to treat myself into this galore..I could always take my sister's hand me down that came from there..oh there a forever 21 there? i forgot i remember that my sister went in forever 21 to get a pair of high waist shorts..i saw a nine year old girl trying on their clothes..her mother was like 'Oh my god, darling, you look pretty.." i nearly faint..a NINE year old girl wearing clothes that can be worn by my sister?? My sister was debating whether she should take the shorts or Charles and Keith's pumps..i was like..dude..take both so that i can have it next time..too bad,...she was tooo broke to buy any of the peice..HAHA..the last time i went there is because out of expectations,( i think i can win a lottery if this was a number) my brother treat five of us to watch AVATAR in 3D at Pavillion..dude..i can buy one PDI shirt for one ticket..we were sit right in the second row and i was complaining how straining my neck was..i take my words back because when you watch should grab the front seat..the lady next to us told us that she had watch Avatar three times in a row..My jaw could drop out at that sooo HUNGRY right now..I MISS PAVILLION!!(the spelling correct? sorry)

Ok, seriously, you can walk from pavillion to KLCC...i've walked there, it takes about fifteen had to walk trough their convention centre and from can walked trough the prepared subway..there's nothing much to see at KLCC..i only go there just to feed myself at this bookstore called Kinokuniya? (erm..i didn't bother to know it's name)..there's one floor where one toilet per entry cost RM 2??? YOU pay Rm2 to pee or to poop??? my god..i heard from my teacher that there's two toilet stall in it..with napkins, hairdryer, fragant soap, towels inside..i was you really need all this just to do your business??

OKay, if you're a GADGET FREAK, please walk back to pavillion, Lot 10, and to Sungei Wang again..Next to Sungei Wang is PLaza Low Yat where you can get all sorts of computer spare parts, phones, cameras, whatever gadget you wanna get your hunger of...but what is there to see besides looking at all the technology? When there's no clothes, there will be no me..XD

Oh my..i still remember my mum got sooo obsessed witht this GLOWING puzzle she went all the way to KLCC to choose all sorts of the variation..i was tempted too because i got nothing to do during that huge holiday..they say they have no stock for that particular puzzle so we took the LRT all the way to MID VAlley to get it..and they they say Pavillion has the we went back and then they say they just sold it..we phone the KLCC branch and then they told us to come back tomorrow..gosh..all this happen in one could imagine our LEGS..

there were bad memories too..i faint at Low Yat? yeap..and then i manage to pull myself out of there and then tumble on the road..LOLX!! sooo humilating..because soo many people was trying to help..they gave advice..there's even one small boy come and stare at me..his mother pull him away but he refuse..he said, "tak mau, i nk tengok harimau.." (Donwan, i want to see lion) Hello kid, do i look like a LION to you? Ok, so my hair is like all over the do i look like an animal to you??

The pavement of BUKIT night, you will see breakdancers, shuffles dude all over the place..teenagers all over..the malays are sooo elite..they wear whatever we wear bt one bad thing is ..they smoke that fruit kind of pipe? yeah..they serve it..haiz..

i guess this will be like the last memory?
because my family decide that
we had become too poor to atcually move our car..
my 2nd home of life..


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