Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Original songs

I have no idea what genre am i..
I made songs that come in all sorts of colours..
yes, folks are the easiest to put in..
DANCE are super hard since all my instruments are all accoustic..

i wrote my first serious song when i was 12
yes..that was the first time i pick up the guitar and taught myself despite the fact that it SUCKS ..

here's a list of my SONGS (don't bother listening to it..it could spoil your mood..oh FF, i lost my songbook too..how sad ) :)

  • Live on (first song)

  • Stare at you(i edited it...)

  • Flames ( i love this, coz it's dark)

  • Forbiden love

  • Forbiden, Restricted (Uploaded it in YOUTUBE)

  • Sad Song (it's not a sad melody..it's FOLK genre..)

  • Hear your voice (another dark song)

  • is it over (very noisy)

  • waiting for you (2nd song at 2006)

  • You walk alone

  • Suicide (yes, for GORE fans?)

  • Scent

  • Pathway

  • You're just a friend

  • Changing you

  • You don't belong

  • Shy (a story of two shy lovers)

  • Open our mind (for Earth)

  • Don't run
  • Drew your face (first country song?)
  • By the window

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  1. Hihi ;D your genre: da ant genre ;D Well, i find your compositions so far that you've posted on youtube rather similar in some way...*Knocks head* can't figure out...So yeah...good luck with your exam results...read your previous entry...;D Have faith in yourself ;D Plus I DARN LOVE YOUR COMPOSITIONSSS!!!! you always write them in an undescribable way ;D ~your couz ;D


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