Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Words to say

I always had my best fwens in mind each time any problem strikes me..
so here is some words to them, beecause i will not be able to tell it out face to face in case i will just bawl like water pipe again..

Ann 2 Chiu Yee: I know you will sooo gonna hate me by doing this selfish things..by leaving you just because it's for my own good..hey, we still can meet up each Thursday or Friday..you could always drive your SEXY pink ICON to my house and we could go find the dog name SEXY to match your SEXY pink bike..Even though we're nt going to be like the same, but i'll always remember you as being my best friend that had treat me as a best friend too...

Ann 2 Nicole: You know what? you're like my first first trusty best friend that i've ever had..my mum atcually knows you so we could hang out more together..remember the other day where there were you and Chiu Yee at PCF? I happen to be there and i beg my mum so that i could hang out with you guys..Gosh, i never feel that happy to feel free again..and i feel sooo sad leaving you guys after two hours ..BOO HOO...i wish if there's empty time, i could go to your house again, we shall sleep on your bedroom floor again and listen to whatever songs that are played on the radio..how's that? No matter what, Nicole, you're the first of my first..my First SERIOUS best friend i've ever had..

Ann 2 Sarah: We had really rough times..sometimes we're really really good..sometimes we're horrible..me, sulking when things go wrong and you had to ask me why..i know you hate that, i try to change but how could i when things always go wrong? Sometimes i think back, there's soooo many things i should do..and i will end up regretting it..you're getting happier now which is better because you will not be happy last time..you've done a lot for me and i shall keep in mind..i can't turn back what i have decided, i can only leave it a little longer..I'm sorry for being selfish, I'm sorry for everything..a song dedicated to you
please listen: ALREADY GONE-Kelly Clarkson..

Ann 2 Annick and Amal: Oh my, Annick..when are you coming back to school?? people atcually thought you didnt exist in school anymore!! Class is like FILTHY boring without your pressence..and i love hearing you blabbering and blabbering because every words that you said atcually make sense.. Only idiots do not follow your words of advice..your words heal my heart..and Amal, i will always remember how we play our violins together..strumming the guitar...by thinking back of how we start to know each other..it's such a great time..and don't forget the nickname i give you TAN AH MAL!! haha..you always be the teddybear..and thanks for letting me hear all those songs..it means a lot..

Ann 2 Xin Ning and Jia Wen (M): I never thought i could be SOOO close to you two ever since i move to your class..it makes me feel like i atcually belong to that class..we played soo many games together recently..because you guys wanna know more about each other.. We laugh sooo much i cant even breathe properly...i could share sooo many things with you guys, even NOTHINg becomes SOMETHINg...Jia Wen! i wish you happily ever after with Prince Charming..you're soo lucky to have him...Xin Ning! Don't take it at heart that sometimes i will said something that hurt you...but i was only meant to be funny....You two ROCKS!!

3 Bakti (2009) classmates: Things change ever since we move on to secondary four...we all go seperate ways...now we hardly even speak to each other..but being with you guys for the past two years had change my life..i learn to appreciate friends more and atcually know how to treat a friend better..anyway..now we're on our own now..sometimes i hear my name got called after i pass 4 Amal, i'm soo happy that some of you atcually remember me,..HA!

Symphony members: Ah..there's sooo many things happen that atcually stay in my mind..but anyway..here's a quick notes...remember my song..."Don't run..Don't run.."a song dedicated to you
go youtube and type 'hearts' by Annerny..thank you

Choral Speaking Team Members: Support Support you guys forever and ever..!! one team one..? Voice!!! WOO

Haiz...things are meant to be..i'll be emo and emo for the next days..i hope things will get better after a few weeks or days later..


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