Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I'm going from CONVENT to STAR school which is known to be NOTORIOUS?
Yes..i decide that and by taking it to proses, it only needs THREE DAYS since my mum is teaching there...but i suspend it, because i'm not prepare to leave school in like three days??

No, im not smiling now..dyou think i'm smiling? My fwens cried..I CRIED infront of the teacher..it's such a heavy heart..but i think by transfering it could do wonders..
I'm not going to worry about Physics anymore because i'll be taking art stream (wow..i'm frm full science go to half science and now i'm taking full arts??)
I am going to escape this school from all the worries, the problem that i caused and every single mistake that i've done
Start a new enviroment, make new friends, start a whole new me..
get back more trust frm my parents

Omg...please please please..this is soooo hard yet i wanted to go another school..it will be no turning back once i'm there..it's not a game ..it's going to be at least two years i'm going to spend there...

I've been EMO-ing in school for the past two days..I'm no wood..because wood don't sprouts tears..but i do...thinking back, i'll be leaving my greatest friends...My best classmates had been begging me all da, Chiu Yee hit me violently (Jk..) saying that it's not fair, Nicole spray tears and Amal cried like i've just died and Sarah...

i have great friends..it's sooo touching to see atcually feel that i belong and they atcually know i exist..YES, i made new friends and they're great to talk to..but then, other then that? what is more to stay on? Symphony? Choir? Choral Speaking??
Don't worry, i will support Convent Alor Star choral speaking as long as i live! Being a part of the team is the greatest thing i've ever joined.

The greatest friends that i've met during all those years were back in secondary three, 3 Bakti, where we live like we're each other's siblings..i still remember they atcually celebrate my bday...touching..wuwu..

No, it's worst then getting a heart surgery..but i think the sooner i'll go, it will not be painer anymore..to leave school, gbye my friends..i shall write the last goodbye song soon..
especially for you guys..

be patient..it's in proses..


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