Friday, August 1, 2014

diary of dislikes again

again, i think i'm being unprofessional here by ranting it out, like you're suppose to suck it all up and keep your feelings to yourself without telling the whole world what you don't like. 
but again, this is my blog after all
the way you treat me i will treat you back the same way like you did to  me
so no hard feelings mah rite?

okay here's a part of my daily routine as a seller
as usual i posted out stuff for my customers, (: happily give them their tracking number
and immediately got one customer (maybe too over excited about her thing) tracked her parcel immediately on the same day , and of course lah, what to expect, poslaju is not that efficient, (but still reliable for it to reach your house ) they don't update their tracking system and somemore it's hari raya week, they lacked of workers and everything, system is slow during that week
and i told her to wait for next day and check see because my supplier posted that very late afternoon, maybe worker want to go home dy so just abandon their job and waited till next day to revise it. 
the next morning she say there's no record again! and ask me to advise it again, and i felt like she doesn't trust me at all, because she sounded mad
like i cheat her money didn't post her thing and gave her fake tracking number
i tracked for her too, and really no records found, but there's a lot of cases where poslaju don't usually update their tracking system also, and today is friday, friday post office close in kedah state. 

but still she response as if i just robbed her, gahhh if i really did robbed her, how come i'm still not blacklisted wor? how come still got people get their stuffs and posted it online wor? how come i still got pictures of all the parcels i wrapped up properly for customers wor?

so since post office closes saturday and sunday at her place, i bet she'll be asking when her parcel will arrive from friday till monday (when she gets it)
still i would like to tell others that if you are in a hurry to get your parcel
still this is readystocks, i posted on the day she made her payment (how is that unefficient wor???) she can't even wait 1-2 days? T______T

all ready for posting (: 

story number two
there are alot of  new contacts on my wechat ever since i started this business, a lot just come and go, and 
mostly asked about "can i get the measurement for this?"
i gave it to them and then they disappear like no reply forever 
well at least just tell me "sorry i don't think it'll fit " give me an answer, 
when you totaled up for them and gave them your bank details, and you never heard from them anymore, at least just tell us that you backout ><
this is what we call serious buyers (: 
then what do you expect me to react when the next 3 weeks, you appear again and ask me for another clothes measurement
will i treat you seriously again? 
well i did treat her seriously again, answering her in every question and then she sold me off to another seller (nope i do not want to write out what happen ) i was so pissed at her , all these while i replied her politely giving her every details she needed (and she didn't even buy from me at all) 
then she went behind my back do such things ): 
so i blocked her every account, i didn't know people are so cruel, well now i know . nobody can be trusted );

Gosh i sound terrible 
no, actually i treat you just like how you treat me (:
if you're friendly i'm friendly
if you're rude, then what to do ): 
i still have to oblige you but if you're over the board, 
everybody sure got their own limit
but i saw got people advice
once anger takes over, your money will go
but i don't earn much
and i don't do it to earn anything, i do it to just burn off my time because i don't have any other thing i do for my own liking
yes, i love looking at clothes
so yes, i do love doing this (((: 
so i rather don't deal with these people because i don't loose much 



  1. hello dear, your business quite good than mine huh :( sigh! now i need to do some promotions d :( anyway, some buyers are like this one la.. very ma huan one type LOL.. don't be angry over this :) u still got other loyal customers to you ^^

    1. awwwh no lah, cuz mine is quite cheap so sure a lot of people would buy more on that, hehe no need to do promotion, i think perseverance is the key to make it big! never give up (:

  2. Hello Ann, I really like reading your personal posts! And I can totally understand you :) Don't let these customers get you down~! Some peope are always rude! I think your really lovely ^-^ ♥ I didn't checked on your posts these days because I was kinda busy but I hope your feeling better now, I remember that you had a disease with panic attacks on the last post I read T T


    1. awwwh mindy! i never forget you ! you're so kind with your words haha, sorry i've been busy and been abandoning your blog too, going to check out now hehe, hopefully some nice make up tips from you again

  3. Awww, I'm sorry to hear that! I hope things work out and she apologizes. Love your dress in the photo by the way!

    Arielle from Tangled Musings

  4. I can relate.. !! I had a clothing line before that I ran as a drop shipper and ugh, I can totally understand about people thinking I'm scamming them and all that.. also, it gets frustrating when the "customers" ask about something and we try our best to promote but they don't care anymore and leave us hanging with hope, lol. Now that you keep posting about ur clothing line I want to make mine up again but too much effort.. and school starting soon for me. I know you can fight~ my way to deal with all those problems with the shop in the past was to ignore them sometimes haha.. nothing you can do about it. She will receive it soon and then hopefully realize how annoying she was.. o-o xD good luck with your business babe!!

    By the way, totally dazzling shot you got up there! :D

  5. there are alot of diff kind ppl in the world ler. bear with it :/

  6. Yes everything and everyone has a limit and once someone goes overboard its likely to get agitated. Do not worry keep up the good work a lot awaits you :)
    I have a new post on the blog see you there

    1. thank you for your very kind thoughts! im sure keeping in mind


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