Saturday, August 9, 2014

Outfit from Chicnova

today post will be my favorite post of all because it's about outfit!
i am really a huge fan over clothes, i can splurge on anything when it comes to something i wear (i don't really do much on beauty if you ever follow my blog) i just love to dress up and play around with clothing item 

today, all my clothing item are all from Chicnova
they are an online store which provides the most awesome and trendiest clothing i've ever seen
and best still, they provide free shipping all throughout the world
that's pretty cool huh

BoyLondon crop top
High rise denim shorts
v-neck blazer 
are all from Chicnova 

my favorite would be the shorts, even though it's really big, but it is meant to be baggy to create a boyish look. 
and it comes with a belt which is pretty nice because you can adjust the height you want, 
if you want it to be high waisted, then you can cinch at the waist there, 
or you want it to be low waist, you can still adjust 
it's pretty flexible

a close up look of the blazer
the blazer is really good quality 
and judging by the price, 
it HAS to be good quality haha
32 USD 

one last post before i end here

anyway i've been rusting all over here , 
last time i use to be the poser, 
but now i'm just stiff like a log , maybe i loose a few interest in snapping pictures of myself because it just take so much hardwork to self shoot yourself and edit and making sure it comes out right
all i need is a photographer to do all the work
that's pretty selfish right? haha
but anyway
i am geared up towards my online shop now
and i'm sorry if i sidetrack my blog in the meantime, 
i'm sure i be blogging again after i go into UNI where my online shop will not take up so much time anymore. 

cheers (: 

do take a look at CHICNOVA actual product below!
you can get the clothes by clicking the link

do check out chicnova awesome website



  1. I like the denim shorts! :D Nice outfits

  2. You're so slim omg! Nice hair btw! :)

  3. omggg. ur waist so smalllll! omgggg!

  4. I am in love with your outfit omg!
    Like dayumm girl you have such a nice body *_* If i only i could pull off something like that >_<
    I've heard so many good reviews on Chicnova, really have to check out what the hype is about!!! :D


    1. yeah! i'm sure they will sponsor you too! you're such a great fashion blogger

  5. You look amazing! Love it

  6. OMG.. your waist so small!!!! Envy die me! XD

    1. hahahah not really that small la, just twist an angle to make it look smaller

  7. I absolutely love the shorts I'm def checking them out

  8. LOVE IT !!

  9. lovely outfit!

  10. Nice!!!
    I like your outfit♡♡♡

  11. this outfit is so cool!:) I love those shorts!♥

  12. nice! can show how thin your waist is! hehe


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