Sunday, August 3, 2014

Candy for my thoughts

it feels good to be posting about my personal thoughts again!
this whole month i decided not to accept any review opportunity so that i can stay focus on my business and my very old blog again (: 
of course once university start, i'm going to be dead busy again , so i think i'll just put a stop in accepting review opportunity unless well, it's something i realllllllllyyy like ! like clothes or fashion :D

posing a bit haha

anyway boyfie went to Australia already and i'm here left alone 
okay lah, i joke and told him i'm going to write him a diary of what i be doing one whole week without him
and he said sure the diary will be short and similar like any other day
" woke up, and online whole day, then sleep"


anyway i decided to stop doing my online business next month , let me settle down for uni quietly and figure out if the post office is near my place or not, if not i have to sacrifice and give up the whole thing T_T
but still i need a little pocket money to survive in uni, do hope i get in Penang lah, because cost of living in KL is high and of course, i don't like the busy harsh environment in KL  (i'm more of a quiet peaceful type) 
but then, i hope the government don't throw me somewhere remote like UUM or maybe even to Sabah (darn, why i go choose that place nih?)

my daily routine is so meaningless now, August is the month to go out man! cuz when you start Uni, you wouldn't even know when is the day for you to breathe! lol



  1. Second pics is amazing!

  2. I never had any routines at all, I've learned to live without them.

    / Avy

  3. Good luck on your Uni life I know you'll be great :)

  4. Waah love the second outfit! And good luck with uni :)

  5. hahaaa...thanks for sharing.
    have fun out.


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