Saturday, August 30, 2014

Pre-University days

Good day everyone!
i'm back for another personal post, to be honest, i do not like to be labelled as a too commercialized blogger, because obviously this is not why i started blogging anyway , either wise you just open an advertisement platform then~
so back to the topic above!
i'm so excited, i'm finally going off to University!
yes, it's no big deal to some but is a really big deal to us,  especially to those who opt to go local university
obviously, we worked our ass off to obtain a result that enable us to get into Malaysia's top research university
it's like our hard work had turn into fine sweats of success (even though we still do not know if we can successfully graduate and obtain a job)

Okay, so what i've been doing all this week , 
i've been going to and fro to shopping malls to get all my stuffs, like essential stuff for Uni, (i'll be writing what i get later on)
right now my luggage keep increasing from two bags to four bags plus a laptop bag and a bagpack
like i literally moved the whole house to my small little hostel

OH YESH, another news was that  i get to know which hostel i'm staying too! 
It's Desasiswa Restu which is co-ed (obviously not co-ed but the building is side-by-side)  together with Dan ! how lucky! because firstly i checked i got Saujana (which is an all girls' hostel) then when they finally finalized all, i get Restu! Same with boyfie!!

*happy face*

Went to Penang Hill with him for a short holiday 
people was like "you two are going to Penang to study dy, why still go Penang holiday somemore?"
hahaha i also want to laugh, but i need a break and we need to go Daiso badly to get some cheap stuffs for camping, so Penang here we go :D

weather was bad that day, but thankfully it was really cloudy at penang hill with no rain :D
so glad if not we two would be like toasted marshmallows 

by the way the picture taken was with my MONOPOD!
god i LOVE that stick! whoever invented it, i LOVE you
with it i can now take a better photo instead of having my fat face stucked at the screen because my hand is too short or what, 
haha and Dan's iphone5s front camera ROCKS

Our love lock chain 
both no creativity :D

What i wore
Now you can see that my legs are not actually praying mantis thin 
actually more like fat sausage coated with chocolate
but i really love Dan's CAMERA QUALITY! 
i actually ditched my Sony NEx camera in his car because his phone is just TOO good
and convenient 

Last hangout with my Form six mates :D

Last hangout with my Primary school mates :D

And here are some pictures taken over the week
i am vain, yes , i am

my ootd , hopefully not the last T_T
i LOVE taking OOTD more than selfie, 
because i just love clothes more than my face
i wish to capture every nice clothes that i wore, but unfortunately i think it's hard to do that now that i'll be going to local uni

1. strict dressing code (well it's pretty lenient compared to other uni where they have to be dressed in collared t-shirts for lectures) we'll be in our t-shirts and long jeans , *sigh* 
I seriously hate to wear long pants
i do not know why
i rather wear long skirts than pants
(okay maybe long skirts are too geli or over the top, but midi skirts are really nice , just that if you are the minority who wears it, people will tend to stare at you like you just dropped out from somewhere)

2. people will stare, obviously they go uni to study hahaha, it will be pretty awkward when all of us are waiting for the bus, and then all of a sudden there's me asking my friend to snap a picture of me
(again, people will tend to stare at you like you just dropped out from somewhere)

Playing with Dan's front camera

okay :P i am vain again, i just found a nice spot to take my shoot here hahaha
apparently, it's my house gate

all the essential stuffs for uni
spot anything that you forget?
I think it's more than my clothes :3
i really do not have PROPER clothes for uni *cry*
and the one i ordered (about 7 tops from an online site, will not arrive till next week) oh well ):

i still hasn't done packing
i do not even have a bag pack for lecture
and a proper formal shoes (which they prefer to call it wa-wa shoes)
tomorrow will be another shopping day then

good day everyone
next post will be another commercial post 
but it'll be about lip crayons ~
my favorite make up must-have



  1. Congratulation to you, Ann..and have an enough sleep also before your orientation week starts.. See you at USM soon..

  2. Love your cardi babe! I actually didnt know that penang hill got the couple locks thingy. haha. Anyways all the best in starting university!

  3. Well, it pretty boring to wear pants all the time, but maybe its better than the same uniform all the time...
    I don't know! :)
    <3 visit me soon on

  4. all the best ini ur new uni lifeeeee!

  5. good luck in uni Ann ^_^ i just finished my bachelor's degree and your post reminds me of my first time packing for uni too, hehe!

    Mieza || Mieza Everdeen's

  6. great post. Hope you have fun at uni!

  7. Congrats for Uni miss!

  8. Welcome to Penang!

    I hate long pants too because I have short legs T.T

  9. You r so pretty xx

    Mind to visit my newest post?
    Thankyouuu :D

  10. Such preety eyes!

    PS: Do you want more followers? Let’s follow each other !


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