Saturday, July 26, 2014

behind my instagram photo

Recently i saw someone posted about how instagram pictures vs reality shots
and it got me thinking how true it is the way she wrote . 
Like everybody thought it was picture perfect  and all the shots was actually what it happened, 
but truth is it's just a staged photo

Staged Photo #1 
like this picture of mine
well, i had to command Dan's hand to put it at some angle so that i can snap it, and we are not exactly holding each other hand in reality, both of us are busy playing our phones
so yeah, this is how instagram manipulate us in staging our own fantasy rather than snapping what really happen
Staged photo #2

What other people see: 
oh so sweet! you went swimming with your boyfriend!
what it really was:
i literally have to beg him to snap this haha
because first it's a public pool, he was very embarrassed to take a photo when there's a bunch of people swimming around. For me, i don't think they actually minded or will judge us for anything, i mean they came here to swim, so what if we just take out our phone and snap a few shots? not really embarrasing right?   haha so it was all staged, reality he was dead embarrassed 

staged photo #3
what others see: happen to be getting down the car 
what it really was: the fact that i have to "act" getting down the car about five times to get a good shot is hilarious
and yes, this is a self timer shot, i had to keep clicking the camera each time the camera clicks away , and by the time i get it done, im all sweaty and yucky 

Staged photo #4
What others see: awwh you played ping pong together him, thats sweet
what it really was: ya i DID go play ping pong with him, but most of the time we were actually throwing balls at each other hahahaha
and also throwing the cookie monster at each other too, in fact this way we would sweat it out more than just standing there stagnant hitting ping pong balls on the bat with stoney face. 

Staged photo #5

What others see: me getting ready to travel and waiting with that kind of poofy face .__.
what it really was: the fact that i have to quickly ask my mum to click on the shutter before anyone catches sight of me posing with the luggage was embarrassing ! and the luggage isn't mine at all, i just pick any good looking luggage for the shot and quickly pose with it and be done with it. 
you are all deceived 

Staged photo #6
What everyone think it is: oh you're at a cafe drinking coffee now

Truth is: i do not drink Coffee. XD that was Dan's coffee , i used to drink coffee but it's not too good for me because i have loads of panic attacks, so i do not want to risk getting it again by drinking even a sip of coffee. 
so yeah, this was just staged to tell everyone i'm at a cafe now (: 

Staged photo #7

what everybody think it is: owh you're reading books together with him, that's so sweet
what it really was: the books are props, we can't even understand what language the book was, it was all in German
we just need to do something for a picture haha


  1. But I see nothing wrong with staged photos! :) creating happy memories is nice, and I'm enjoying this post. I accidentally laughed a bit hahaha. You make my weekend! ;)

  2. idk why I find it funny in some way XD Nice post btw! XD
    Nicole Yie

  3. I'm guilty myself! I usually take photos of items cos I'm too damned embarrassed to pose in photos. Doesn't matter too much cos even almost everyone's selfies are staged as well. :)

  4. Pretty fotos! Very funny post. Thank you for comment on my blog. Followed you back!

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  5. Thanks a lot for stopping by my blog... Of course we can follow each other... I'm now following you via GFC and Bloglovin, hope you follow me back.

    Fashionalatic Blog

  6. hahaha at some point i agree with u! haha

  7. LOL~~ you tricked me Ann!! T.T xD but these were pretty good pics! I stage photos quite a lot too :P The story behind #2, 5 and 7 are quite hilarious :) X

    Chic Nikkie

  8. lovely pics dear !

  9. LOL I'm agree with you! But all pics are very nice!



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