Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Um or Usm ?

Weee, okay it is sooo like me to pop into my blog again to announce to the whole world (like a big stuck up fisherman proud of his catch)the result of which University i'm going, no don't get me wrong, i am just here to make me talk to myself (mentally , unless you think i'm crazy) or in other words, by writing it out, it will helped weigh the thing properly. 

It's not like oh, this university is good, i should go there, STUDY there, 
no , we, as a form six leaver, took the path where the government CHOOSES for you (if he doesn't do this, everybody would become doctors and lawyers)
but lucky me, i do not sought for professional courses, and opt for a road which i love to be in . 

Of course your STPM result plays an important role of getting what you want. 
Many had asked me to strive higher since getting 3.92 eligible me for something even more well deserving. nah, i wanted to MAKE SURE the government give me this course, giving up NTU in Singapore is harder , but i know what i want, Economics will kill me. 

what makes it harder now is that Both Uni offered the SAME course that i want
(although the course name differs, the subjects are more or less the same , or maybe differ a bit, who am i to say, im not a student there yet T_T)
let's weigh the pros and cons shall we?

 Universiti Malaya
with a history of 100 years, the first and foremost university in Malaysia with a high reputation in all Malaysian's eyes. 
Okay, imagine you and your mum walking down the street, and some random aunty come and ask 

"oh! where did your girl go study?"
"Waaaa *mouth open and eyes start to look at me like i suddenly exist into something special*)

ahahah this is reality lah, but i bet USM , people will still look at you like you are something special too, but UM is more like ~ well, prestigious or something~ 
okay never mind, name is not that important , your future is more important

Universiti Sains Malaysia
this university is still new compared to UM, but it is improving, and ever since they achieved APEX status , they tried everything to bring their name forward, making sure their APEX reputation does not discriminate or something. Been doing some research over google,(although it's source may not be trustable) , this university is out beating a few universities already, and seeing that they are seperated from UPU system, 
it somehow is VERY special indeed to be handpicked by that university itself, instead of computer generated system in UPU. 

course wise~
UM  is media studies, they would not like us to say they have public relations as one of their subjects, nah, nah, nah, the interviewer will backfired you (like it happen to one of my friends T_T) but this is under the school of arts and social science, they do not have a school on their own like USM, 
and the amount of students for this course is not as many as compared to usm. 

And USM has a higher reputation for mass com (this word quite pantang in USM communication school because they don't want to be regarded as mass com, just communication studies , so i'm trying to be general here, not specific) 

Judging by the interview i went, USM is more serious for this course, they dig you, they grill you, they make sure you know what you signed up for, while UM
the interviewer just take a glimpse of your result, and confirmed everything. 

USM course layout is very systematic too, i have read through their course module and was very pleased at their subjects , while UM does not highlight their courses properly and i was a bit confused what i'm going to study after enrolling in their school. 
and with so many helpful seniors from USM assist group , USM info group, it just boost my confidence that USM will be the right choice.  (uh oh, did i spill the beans too fast?)

other than that, USM has a school on its own, School of Communications with so many lecturers and by looking at their organization chart, all are expertise in this field
while UM, they have fewer lecturers as compared to USM, but not being a school on its own has doubted me. (um students, don't throw eggs at me ah) 

Location wise
location is not important when stating the factors, as long as the degree you are offered is recognized and is what you want, location should not be a problem. Because after all, all degrees are the same. We get the same job, we get the same pay, and we live the same life. 

still, UM sounds challenging for me yet exciting , because it's in KL, the city full of new things and new stuff for me to learn and do. Like you can't sit a monorail in penang right? you can't go to big big shopping malls in penang right? (Penang has big shopping malls too just that i can even count which shop lots to the nearest toilet outlet in every floor of gurney and queensbay) meaning i'm bored of Penang. 

still it's full of temptations too, guai guai go Penang and be a good girl , huh
no serious, i also do not like over complicated places where you know nowhere is safe. of course Penang also not safe lah, i mean i sit at home watch TV also not safe, anything can happen, but best to not bring more worries to your family. haha

actually, a lot of people would go 
(see picture below)

but when you know your heart is with which uni, you just go ahead

Boyfie also get USM, and he is soooo lucky
USM is top 28th in the whole world for environmental science
this is REALLY good news to both of us
but still i don't know what is that course about haha

typical art student~ lol

so , ya, here i come! still waiting for my dad to give me the cue to press the "sah" button
and wow, rm1100 for a year ! that's like Rm92 per month
of course excluding hostel accommodation, meal, transportation, exam papers, extra charges blah blah. haha but still beats private so much, 

a bit sick now, time to stop ranting



  1. Congrats! Have a good time in the new phase of life! :)))))

  2. last time i also get um pengajian media..but end up i choose usm management..just want to say..decision is at ur hand..both have pro n kon..just choose what u want...(^_^) good luck n comgrat..

    1. thank you! :D i support you for choosing the course you wanted :D

  3. Lol, so I heard (or should I say seen) on insta you are going into USM? Good luck and it's good that you put some thinking into this with all this info., haha!! All the best babe!! X

    Chic Nikkie

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