Friday, August 22, 2014

Deoproce Natural Perfect Solution Cleansing Form from Hishop

it's been ages! yes, AGES since i did some review post for Hishop
this week highlighted product will be Deoproce cleansing foam which i badly in need of it since i'm going to Uni soon and i wanted a nice full pack cleanser to bring with me. 

Deoproce Cleansing foam (with rice powder and rice bran) 
Rm29.90 only(made in korea, so cheap some more )

sorry for the blur pictures
but here's a summary on what it is

this is a deep cleansing foam , pore care and moisturizing. 
it is highly recommended for tired and rough looking skin 
(sounds like me, everyday sleep late and everyday just paint my lips read so that i don't look like a zombie)

Total solution for rough skin as it smoothen your skin to an even texture while removing dirt and old dead skin cells and impurities.

 Rice flour and mixed cereal extracts dissolves dead skin cells without causing irritation, leaving your skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Rice water helps to even the skin tone while calming irritated skin caused by cleansing.
(no wonder it looks like scrub when i first used it :D)

 -Blend in well with make-up 
- Radiant and refreshed complexion 
-Smooth skin whenever you touch
 - Soft skin texture 

How to use: Dispense an appropriate amount, fully lather with lukewarm water, wash face with massaging motion, rinse off with lukewarm water. - 

it's time to start using it :D
first i'll try it on my hand first to feel the texture
it looks and feel pretty much like scrub , 
i love scrub! because after scrubbing you just feel like you have a brand new skin on your face 
it lathers alot too, but of course with generous amount that you manage to squeeze out lah. haha

so let me brief you about my skin first before i continue on

i have a very unbalance skin tone , gosh my nose , eye area and the gap between both eyebrows are abit off color. :3 
secondly, i do have lots of pimple problem on the forehead. (although there is never a problem for both my cheek) weird huh haha
whats even weirder is that i never seem to put any make up on my forehead yet my pimples  keep sprouting like mushrooms 
while for both my cheek, i'll never fail to put some blusher to add some 'life' on my face , yet it never grow any pimple , 
well i want to see how well this cleanser can actually bring back the energetic skin i used to have 

and oh ya i am also using the cleanser to test how well it can clean off my make up too :D

ahhh naked face already T.T
can see the color tone around my eyes so much different T.T
anyway i really love the little tiny beats that are in the foam . 
Really feel like scrubbing away all the dirt around my face. 

left: tired and rough looking skin (at the top of my forehead there)
middle: in the process of cleansing away hehe, it smells like rice too , but nothing so filty, it actually smells nice
right: after rinsing :D 
i felt refreshed and my skin felt smoother , like it's a brand new skin, i try gliding my fingers over my rough forehead (which is a bad thing to do, NEVER use your fingers to touch your face) but i can't help it, okay
i felt that all the bumps are all flatten out 
moreover, it actually brought some life back to my skin, especially evening out my skin tone as day goes by

some people might think that if it's like scrub, your skin will be dehydrated or what. 
My skin doesn't feel dry at all and yet i  don't even need the need to put on moisturizer after that
(still it's a bad thing to skip that essential moisturizer lah ) haha

one week of using Deoproce Cleansing Foam :D

this would be following me to my uni soon as my daily essential cleansing foam 
highly recommended to budget buyers who wish to get a good cleansing foam that acted like a scrub  too:D

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  1. Sounds like a nice product :)

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  2. Hi dear, nice product!
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  4. Great review :D

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  5. Sounds like a super nice cleansing foam! I strangely have the same problem with the pimples on forehead but no pimple at all on my cheeks ahah. Btw, your skin looks REALLY different on the after photo! Like all your pimples would be gone and your skin looks super smooth and brightened :O Lol at the blogger above writing in German. She's inviting you to her giveaway lol

  6. whoa! I really want to try this now! Do you think it'd be good for removing sunscreen?


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