Monday, February 10, 2014

Fashion Quinceanera Dresses from DressV

DressV has never failed to disappoint any of us when it comes to Bridal dresses, prom gowns, bridesmaid dresses, special occasion dresses and mother of the bride dresses. 
Today i'll be introducing one  of their new line of dresses call " Fashion Quinceanera Dresses"
(read on till the bottom to find the link for this wonderful pretty prom gowns)

Pink one shoulder floor length Quinceanera Dress
This is my favorite of all, because of the color which is not too dull yet not too loud. The embroidery at the top just makes everything look elegant and glamorous. 

now what is Quinceanera Dress? 

Quinceanera represents an important event in the life of a young adolescent girl. Whether it is a colourful party or a more sophisticated and elegant one, some of the most beautiful cheap fashion quinceanera dresses

 For a young girl, the Quinceanera party is almost as important as her wedding. Since this kind of celebration is of great importance, finding a dress is not very hard, especially when a girl can choose from numerous cheap such dresses presented on the internet : Like DressV

and if you want something more fairytale like 
this is so pretty! *heart shape eyes*
i like the top part where the sleeves were around the shoulder. It makes it seem conservative yet very grand looking. 

back to Quinceanera: it is actually the celebration for a girl to step into her womanhood. This celebration is normally for girls at 15 years old.
I think it seems really sweet to have this celebration and of course, you need to have  a really nice dress that flaunts your newly womanhood figure to show people that you have became a young grown woman. 

And since you're 15 when you celebrate Quinceanera, i think choosing bright colors will flaunts your youthful look without making you look childlike yet not really old looking. 
Love how DressV provides great varieties of Fashion Quinceanera Dresses for their shoppers to get all sorts of dresses they would prefer

On the other hand, this Quinceanera Dress really brightens up my eyes. 
it is so princess like! omygawd! i really love this so much! If anyone wears this, they will be mistaken as one of the royal families. 
Sleek and elegant *loves*

How about something dark looking? it will brighten up your skin. 
Love that DressV always categorized their clothes in every detailed to smaller the choice you want. 
you can tick anything you wish to have, like if you want short sleeve? sleeveless? floor length? midi length? dark color? bright color? prizes below 200$? prizes around 150$?
they are really user friendly and it will make your choice easier. (:

and last but not least! Since i'm writing this post during Chinese New Year, why not something oriental looking? 
this is very elegant and i can imagine when you walk down the party with all your relatives looking at you, you can just feel the air around you. Ahah *exaggerating*

anyway DressV will promise all clothes are in the finest quality 
and their shipping delivery are all guaranteed
so do head on and check out their wonderful Fashion Quinceanera Dresses



  1. Nice!!!!

  2. wow the dresses are so gorgeous!! *-* I wonder if they're good for prom? I still need a dress for it but I'm not someone who likes to be an eyecatcher or the center of the event XD Are getting sponsored by them? :O
    Anyways, thanks for sharing, Ann :D

  3. Nice dresses!

  4. Simply perfect!


  5. Bet you'd feel like a pretty princess rocking any of these looks!

    Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Oh that second dress is beautiful.
    We don't really do anything that involves such extravagant dresses here in Australia.

  7. Wow, those dresses are gorgeous!!!

  8. Stunning dresses. Really love the pink one too. M.Mae.

  9. Like a real princess - love those dresses!!!! Tell me if you would like to follow each other?! Would love to hear from you! Lots of Love Kyra♡

  10. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for your follow! I follow you back now! Hope we keep in touch - Lots of lovely Love :) Kyra

  11. We haven´t Quinceañera´s party in Spain but it must be a great celebration. I falling in love with this special dress. Kisses doll

  12. Perfect elegant evening dresses :D

  13. the second dress is everything!
    it looks like it belongs in a fairytale :)

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