Friday, February 14, 2014

how i spent my Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's day! yay! this is my second Valentine's day spending together with Dan and yeah, last year we didn't get to celebrate it together because it was a weekend and that time my relationship with him was still disclosed. But i'm so glad this year i am able to open up this relationship and have him tagging along to my working place in Perlis. 

so yeah he waited for me for 3 damn hours alone in Tea Garden probably talking to himself or people might have thought that this dude is forever alone there on a Valentine's day. pity loads loads lah, but i think my DIY gift is enough to occupy his time by reading it. 

so what did i give him this year? 
last year i folded 300 hearts with love messages in each of the heart. 
ya, call me a romantic sentimental girl, i will spend 12 months to pull the moon to you. *exaggerating again*

ignore my freakin weird feet, ahah, the box which contains all three layers of mysterious stuff. erm , 4 layers to be exact if you counted the shirt which will be covering the whole box later. 

First layer is of course, his shirt. 
saw a lot of people posting up in facebook about Pandora gift, Prada purse, diamonds, expensive perfumes and ya i saw someone gave his wife a credit card .___.
ok, so i just gave him a shirt, but IT"S THE HEART THAT MATTERS~

but okay, this is priceless i think . 
the 2nd layer is my letters to him. There's a slot for each envelopes. 
in preparation~ i bought this 30pages vintage lovely different looking papers from a store, and it has the best quality paper i ever come across. well, i only used up 4-6 sheets of it, but i'm sure in the future i'll be using it again~

Washed out all our couple photos and had it pegged at a line for him to hang around his bedroom wall. so that in case he woke up and developed amnesia he'll be able to look at this and know he has a girlfriend. 
*thinking too much, i should stop watching too many Korean dramas*

his gift to me! ahahah so ADORable! mum asked why on earth he bought a Doraemon to me. Well truth to be said, i started liking Doraemon after me and Dan went to Penang and won a Doraemon over a slot machine. So ya, that is when i really think it's bald looking head is cute. 
give me any soft toys and i'll go lovey dovey over them ahaha

here's the funny story of how he surprises me~
A few days ago i'll keep bugging him to give me hints on what he's suppose to give me. he told me it was something that i would need when i'm sad and also when i'm happy. 
First thought : A tissue paper *laugh till my ass hurts*
then i gave a random guess and said it was Elmo (the red fellow in sesame street)
He said he don't know , and i told him i have enough of Elmo! 2 at home is already eating up my love. 
then he told me he's sad and i immediately guess that he went to buy another Elmo for me. *facepalm*
today i went to his car expecting to see a red bald alien looking puppet from Sesame Street, instead i found this blue legless fat ate-too-much candy looking supposingly cat soft toy pillow in the front seat of his car. 
i shriek and well you picture it later on. 
so ya he surprised me with this. Great strategy Dan Good job! ahahah and 

*thanks for the roses. 
Every girl loves them even though it may shrink and die because it's life span is so short . 

We kept our stomach for a great big lunch at Blackwood. 
Their food are okay , but NO!! their cake! uhmygawdd, this oreo cake, yes (the picture)
we ate half without realizing it was already moldy. 
badly rotten when i took a sniff at it and almost puke out yesterday's dinner. 
*insert swear words* !! the crepe cake was even as hard as Nokia 3310 model! 
we call up the waitress and she told us we can exchange the cake with another cake. 
my first thought: exchange it with another moldy cake?!?! 
but thank god the next chocolate crepe cake was soft like cotton candy. 

Dan don't eat that! it's poison! 

well i ordered this and this was SUPERB! 
okay, if their main dish is not tasty i'll be blacklisting them because of their moldy cake. 
but this seem to cover up everything about the cake. 
and also, this seem to be the culprit of my current sore throat.
later we walked around the shopping complex which was so dead we hardly spent 10 minutes inside. 

We went to THE STORE, which was much bigger than this Cmart. yeah, obviously. but okay, nothing to look at it all. i always go there every CNY with my cousins and aunties to kill off our time. i really have no idea what we two are going to do here at Perlis. we still have three hours till my work starts, so we went up for some bowling. 
  • The game is expensive~
  • the shoe sucks! so worn out and moldy *reminded me of the cake?*
  • the machine stuck before we could even start playing
  • the bowling balls stuck at it's entry hole
  • there is no air conditioner there *dafuq!?!*
  • the screen has broken lines over it, can't even see what point i get
  • we have to put one of our shoes inside a box for safety purpose incase we ran away with their bowling shoes. (.__. who wants to runaway with your moldy worn out almost falling apart shoes ?)
well, but other than that, it was a fun game. ahahah Dan show off his spin ball trick while i whine about not striking any pins at all. 

my ootd~
wore a floral bustier dress 
and my boyfriend's outer coat because i can't show off my spaghetti straps outside or else my dad would cut me into strips and had me for dinner. 
ya and that's a bowling ball, it looks light on my hand right?

later we went to Tea Secret to have some "bored" games. Dan and i had a match of Othello and some cards before he sent me to work . 
and ya, i told him there will be a cybercafe there, so maybe he can go play his Dota, but apparently, no, it has bankrupt and i was so sorry that he has to wait for me in Tea Garden (another tea shop just incase the previous one shoo us out for staying too long in it ) 

Eenie Meenie mynie mo~ which heart shall i pick to pose?

after work, we went straight to Alora Cafe, which was just 4 months new and i love the ambiance of the cafe.  The boss greeted us like long lost friend, and we told him we had a reservation with this cafe, 
i laughed, silly me to think of reserving a place in the cafe, because well, it seems like we're the only couple there spending Valentine's day. 
the food was okay except their chicken Bolognaise  (how do u spell that?) spaghetti. 
i think they should changed it to GARLIC spaghetti because there's no chicken but GARLIC !! yuck~ another bad experience but i would totally recommend their black sauce spaghetti! 
damn nice to eat!

i picked my heart! 
one heart and that is for you!
after we pay, the boss even asked us if everything is fine? was the food good? i didn't dare give him any remarks on his so called chicken bolog-don't know what (forgive me) and Dan gentlemanly say it was good. 
BUT! their service was good. 
the boss asked us where are we from, ordered Dan to write something sweet for me on the heart stick  (lol! that's funny and awkward) and joke saying that i'm Dan's little sister. (say what!?)

and when we asked him to snap a picture for us , he willingly took us upstair (reserve floor for those who want to do gathering) and let us pose with his half giant teddy bear . 
so kind of him (((: 
yea~ in Alora Cafe, you get to go karaoke too which is at the 3rd floor~ woo! i didn't know that. 

so ya, Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!
be it if you're single or taken, it's just a day to express your love even more to your loved ones. 
They say if you love someone, everyday is a valentine's day. 
but i think Valentine's day is a day where you can openly express your feelings  beyond your limits which you normally wouldn't do that on normal day. 
(different perception based on different people, don't go shooting me with a riffle just because i said that , ahaha)

thanks Dan once again~ 



  1. Aww, you guys are definitely so cute together. So happy for you! Glad you had fun and most of all, you are happy.

    Happy Valentine's Day! I am hosting a lovely Valentine's Day Giveaway and I would like you to be a part of it.

  2. what a great day u had
    hmm this year I didn't celebrate
    Happy Valentine to both of you :)


  3. naww Dan's sweet. but seriously, HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL THE CAKE WAS MOLDY?! if it happened to me, i would make them give me the free meal cause i can call the food and health department (strip them off their business license) =__= its disgusting..

    but happy valentines to you both <3

  4. Omg what? How can they serve moldy food? :O Hope it didn't make you fall ill or anything!

    You and your boyfriend look so cute! Haha. And I like the gifts you gave him! I guess we girls really like decorating everything with stickers. :P The postcard idea is so cute! It looks like such a fun day for the both of you with good company and great food (except for the cake omg. haha) :D Which reminds me... I haven't played bowling in sooo long!

    Belated Happy Valentine's to you and your boyfriend! :)) Love your dress btw! <3

  5. From the looks of it, i can tell that you had a splendid Valentines Day with your love! You guys looks so cute together, keep going strong. Anyways, i love the Doraemon stuffed toy!

  6. Aww that's so cute! Glad you had fun :)

  7. Great post <3

  8. Nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Let me know

  9. Looks like you had a great Valentine's Day!

  10. This is such a cute post! The gift I am pretty sure took a lot of time to make and so much effort. Dan is really lucky to have you. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  11. aawww such a sweet post!!! nice to read you had a lovely vday! :D

    Animated Confessions

  12. Wow, you and your boyfriend are overloaded with cuteness hehe! I wish one day i'll have a cute relationship like you two :')
    And you're so adorable, I can't believe you took the time to fold 300 hearts with different messages on each, your boyfriend must've felt so loved ~
    Happy Belated Valentines Day!
    p.s that doraemon plushie is FREAKIN CUTE HAHA ;P


  13. hope u had a good one sweety.

    x Lori

  14. =OO since when u already start working?? btw u are such a romantic person to do all those folding stuff!

  15. Hello thank you for visiting the Simple Trends :)
    Have you'm following.
    What images so beautiful and romantic :)

  16. awwww. so sweet. =D you two are adorable!


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