Friday, February 7, 2014

Carousell : snap list and sell!

As you all know, i have started off my preloved clothes on sale (on my facebook) and i sold almost half of it. (leftovers, i will give away to charity) but then i scroll on my blog list and spotted  a fellow blogger, (hi Carinn) who blogs at introduce this wonderful app call " Carousell"

it sounds like the circus "carousel". it seems pretty cool, but my first impression was that maybe it's international and most of the viewers will be like international and i am not doing international shipping, so blah blah blah
random thoughts, but i downloaded it anyway on my bf phone (me no IOS 7 , it will lag my outdated Iphone 4s) 

i have to eat back my words after that. IT is really super addicting! i didn't know there are so many users there too, Malaysians, Singaporeans and Indonesians! posted so many lovely pictures of their clothes and the prices stated there are all  wide and clear with their description and all that. So addicting, seriously~ but i get to it later, ahah

most people use Carousell to earn money 

ahaha, yes, money, money money. to gain extra money, but i got to be honest. i dislike those people who obviously their clothes do not look appealing but still they state the price VERY HIGH. 
unless it's branded, you can do so, but if it is not, i always think that 'wore once' is still  preloved. you got to at least slash the price 50% off the the actual price. 

to me, i'm not here to earn money, ermm, maybe yes, to earn a few extra cash, but i'm here to KILL MY BOREDOM! 
This is me everyday at home and will still stay there for the next 8 months.
no , seriously, i got 9 months holiday till i start my first year in my university life. i only worked 2 days per week (they pay me quite well so i didn't bother looking for other jobs to fill in my boredom)

so selling clothes makes me do something and look forward to something!
i remember i keep going to the post office everyday even though it's only one small parcel, but hey~i'm so bored, i still go the post office with smiling face . I like to sell off my clothes, to see the small little parcels being addressed to some other people, to received their feedback, to model out my clothes for people to buy. this really occupies my time and i enjoy it (:   

so what is carousell?
first first, you will see this categories all. if you do not want to sell anything, you can browse along here.
the categories really make life easier,(easier than trying to figure out the on off switch button for the light/fan) just click on which category you wish to shop. 
My favorite of all : of course it's "FOR HER
so many clothes up for sale and you can also 'follow' the seller so that you can be updated each time she put something up for sale. 

music instruments! T_T i'm a sucker for cheap guitars~ but i can expect that the postage would be damn expensive, so i may have to pass this. 

Look at all the categories! really, what you want, you name it, you get it!

not only that, you can even SWAP with fellow carousellers . Though i still doubt or you know ,you have to trust the other seller very well to actually agree on this term. I still prefer selling it. (: 

If you're a seller, there's an easy button like a camera . Press that, upload your picture from your phone (this is why it is so easy, no more going through the hassle of transfering your photo to the pc and saving it and blah blah *endless *)
choose your category~ write your description whether it is 100% new, what item is it? brand? what material? size?
and state your price!

and when you list it (meaning you uploaded it) it will appear in the category you had chosen. 
All you have to do is to wait for buyers to message you. (the 'activity' will notifiy you, or best still, i got it to notify my email too) 

so do you like Carousell as much as me?  i know what you're thinking, but if you really download it, you know you have to eat back your words. this is really easy! and whoever created this app, i think she/he is a genius ( : 

Carousell official facebook page :

Carousell app page: 



  1. OMG! I remember last year one of the Carousell's developer Siu Rui came to my uni for a seminar and it was awesome xD I didn't sell anyth so I didn't download it, but I can see that it's very nice and it has many development potential haha! xx

  2. Great blog post! You have a cute blog :) Would you like to follow each other? If so just let us know :) xx

  3. Omg I might get this just to stalk what people are selling XD These types of apps are so addicting! Thanks for sharing ^^

  4. ouuu! I want to check it out now! Currently downloading it~ Hopefully, I won't get too addicted. My job pays minimally D:

    Would you say this app works well for selling? I'd like to get rid of some old clothing :)

  5. Oh. My. God. I need money! I will totally check that app out! Thanksss!


  6. Omg I use Carousell too! I agree that it's very addicting. I've actually purchased and sold quite a few items on there :P but still reluctant to trade with other sellers. hahaha. And I heard one of the NUS developers of the app came from my school (Ngee Ann Polytechnic)! I was surprised too. Haha!

  7. Haha i like this post. Its all about the money honey ..jk
    maybe i'll check out that "carousell".

    x Lori

  8. Great blog dear, we invite you to follow our blog on gfc and bloglovin, we'll follow back. Kisses from Kenya

  9. This is so awesome! Now I know where to sell my pre-loveds! Thanks for sharing! (:

  10. i will check out the app! thanks for sharing :D


  11. Hi Ann! *waves* this is a great post, yay love it! Thanks for linking my blog! :D xx

  12. Hi, I'm selling on carousell too and I agree it's super addictive. Always checking back to see if there are any new activity.. Do visit my page at for brand new novelty and gift items! Cheers. :)


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