Thursday, February 20, 2014

How to choose 12 courses for UPU

Well i guess, as a STPM leaver like me, i will face this kind of situation too like my fellow STPM leavers~

 what should i put as my first choice?
 do i have to choose till 12 courses? 
what courses shall i put?  i can't even list out 12 courses that i like, or i have too many courses that i want, 12 is not enough!

yeah, please don't judge me, but i'm trying to clear my head too. writing it out makes me understand this situation even better. 
Thanks to dad, he make a list for me ~ and i figure it out easily . 
and yes, i'm going to use his tactics to help you all out too. 

1. Visit the University site to check out what course they are offering

This is UPM site, and the courses they are offering. 
sorry i just screenshot it, check the courses they are offering here :

2. List down the courses that you want from THAT particular university
even though you forget how to write after 2-3 months break from school, 
don't give excuses, call you dad, call your grandma or your neighbor's cat to write it down !
So here's an example : 
which course that i find it interesting in UPM?
  1. Pentadbiran perniagaan (business management)
  2. Pembangunan manusia (human resource ) 
  3. Music 
  4. Media studies (i doubt the media studies in UPM, so i'm having 50/100 on this course in this uni)
  5. economics
3. Check the minimum requirement for the courses you have listed down

for STPM leavers, look at the very left side~ yay, you see their minimum requirement is quite low for business management , but nah, in REALITY their required pointer is quite high as compare to this.  Thanks to a friend for sharing this to me~ 

so as expected, their minimum requirement is really quite high as compare to what they had said so in their official site. 
I'm not here to be racist, but this (higher pointer requirement) is meant for Chinese. It was just base on statistics done previous year like 2011 -2013. 

okay, once you have seen their minimum requirement, cancel out those listed courses that couldn't make it through the minimum requirement. 

for example : 


  1. Pentadbiran perniagaan (business management)
  2. Pembangunan manusia (human resource ) 
  3. Music 
  4. Media studies (i doubt the media studies in UPM, so i'm having 50/100 on this course in this uni)
  5. economics
4. Visit another University site and do Step 1-3

i visited UM, seeing that it's one of the best local Uni in Malaysia~ lol
again i listed down those courses that i favor
  1. Law
  2. Business Administration
  3. Property Management
  4. Economics
  5. Music (i doubt the music course in UM, i still think UPM has one of the finest music lecturers there)
  6. Media Studies

their requirement for Law~
super high~ *gulp* even so, you have to pass their interview too. 
but trust me, their Business administration course is even higher (view the statistics too and their mode was 4.0)
my estimation of pointer will be more or less 3.85~ so *fingers cross*

5. Compare your different uni course list and cut it down to 12 courses

Here's my 4 different course list from 4 different uni
(because government only limit us choose 4 courses from research University only , so ya, i basically have to eliminate a lot! )
pick 8 other courses from other university such as UNIMAP, UMP, UMT, UUM, UNIMAS and so on) damn~ don't i hate this situation haha.

after evaluating, i come to a conclusion~

UPM (research university)
  1. Music 
UM (research uni)
  1. Law
  2. Media Studies
UKM (research uni)
  1. Law
UUM (other uni )
  1. Business Law
  2. Economics, finance and Banking
  3. accounting
  4. blah and blah  and so on till you fill the 12th
(i suggest picking the same course that you choose for your research university, why mind when you still graduate with the same degree right?)

6.Rank your courses !

Be sure that your first three choices are the one you really WISH to get!
and of course be reasonable, you don't put medic when you have only 3.0 in your result. 

this is where you different uni starts to mix up and ask yourself, is location more important than the course you want? 
i know some people might be afraid of going to UUM because it's quite remote there, but still you graduate with the same course and degree right?
i understand that feeling too, because i, myself is sick of stucking here in the northern malaysia. 

but it is up to you ~

damn, i'm so tired writing this. because i messed up just now thinking that i can put all 12 courses from research university
but truth is you can only pick 4 from Research university , and 8 other courses for other university~


Updated: After following my guidelines carefully,and i was thankful for getting 3.92 for my stpm,  i was called for:

  • Interview in USM for Communication studies (first choice)
  • Interview in UM for media studies (first choice)
  • Interview in UPM for music (fourth choice)
  • Hand in a video for UKM media studies (third choice)
  • a test for teaching course in UPSI (7th choice)
So Far, i am VERY lucky, normally they can get up to maximum 2-3 interviews only for BOTH UPU and USM. I never thought i can scrape 5 interviews in one go =.= so after filtering all, 
  • I dropped UPM music interview because it was on the same date and time as UM's interview
  • UKM told me they will take me in if i didn't get any offer later on
  • I failed for the teaching course 
and in the end i got two offers:
  • UM for media studies 
  • USM for communication studies
did i mention that i got an offer from NTU too ? for economics? 

and right now, i'm a proud USM student. 
do make your choice carefully, do weigh out everything. If it concerns you too much, your STPM result does not mean you can't do well in THAT particular course you picked. I didn't do well for my first semester anyway, and i realize being smart before does not mean i am smart now =.- lol.
okok im bragging too much

good luck ya! jia you! may the odds be ever in your favor 



  1. Too bad I'm graduating soon or else you might have a chance to meet me in UPM! As a STPMer I also went through all these before~ Wish you all the best!

  2. Interesting ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Oh wow, it looks so complicated to sign up for classes at your school, haha. I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
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  4. Good research... Good luck for you and hope you can get the course you want...All d best ya :)

  5. I remember doing this a long time ago LOL!! It really was confusing and it was such a pain =)
    Luckily I got the course I wanted at the uni I picked !
    Hope you get into the course you want babe! <3

  6. Wow wow... this is a good resources for those STPM leavers and it is a good article for the references to give out for pre-uni students as well... Was a bit regret not dare to take the challenge of STPM... hahhaa! Btw congratulations to you as well, 3.92 CGPA is very great and seriously proud of this result... Bravo and Well Done!! :D All the best in USM and nice to meet you as well! :D


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