Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Beauty Blender courtesy from Luxola

Hi readers~ today again i'll be featuring one of www.luxola.com products which is the awesome Beauty Blender. 
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A lot of make up gurus and celebrities are using Beauty Blender. i mean what is so great about a pink egg like sponge? well, i haven't know of this product until my sister recommended it and i view some youtube videos about the products before choosing them in Luxola. 
Price is RM 73

Check out the product here: 

This not just a basic make up sponge, it's elliptical shape helps to match the contours of our face, allowing it to create a perfect make up look at every application. 

let's see what Beauty Blender promises us in return: 
  1. eliminates visible lines and streaks during your application of either foundation/bb cream/cc cream. 
  2. able to access hard to reach areas around your face
  3. a perfect blend that gives you a flawless complexion 

Not only that, Beauty Blender is latex free, non allergenic and odor free, so you don't have to worry if it may cause your sensitive skin to breakout. 

Here's a video of my sister introducing the Beauty Blender. it is really flexible and i can go all day pressing it when i'm bored. ahaha (not advisable to keep touching it because this thing is to use on your face, so don't dirty it too much)

This is what the Beauty Blender looks like , dry and small 

Beauty Blender must be damp when you want to apply your make up on your face. 
Tips #1
i suggest using drinking water to wash it  because seeing that you have to use it on your face later, i want everything to be really clean . 

after that the whole sponge doubles the actual size! it looks like magic because now i actually think it is worth the money. ahaha

A video of a contrast of how big the Beauty Blender had grown. 

okay, now let's start to apply some CC cream on my face. 
sorry, i got no good foundation so i didn't want to put it up and show it up here. so i used a CC cream instead. 

THe outlook of the CC cream on the Beauty Blender. 

okay, so let's start with my naked face. 
see all those pores , let's see if the beauty blender can cover it up making it flawless. 

First touch of the Beauty Blender. Here's how to use it
  1. Bounce the beauty Blender on your face~ Boing boing it goes (in dictionary it is call Stippling)
  2. use it to cover up areas which is hard to reach even with out hands (like seriously our hands is so dirty i don't want to use it touch my face too) hard reach areas like around the nose and mouth and under your eyes
  3. use the round base on your larger area like your forehead, cheeks and chin

The outcome~ my skin looks really smooth neh, okay except the tiny pimple dot over there, everything seems pretty flawless! i don't see the sighted pores anymore, and it really covers up my face like a new skin. it looks as if i haven't even put up any make up on my face.

Tips #2
If you have problem skin, you can use the tip of the Beauty Blender instead to cover up your blemishes well. Give it a stippling and twisting effect that will give a perfect finish for your skin.  

then i try to compare it with using my hand to apply my CC cream. 
i still noticed some visible lines around the side of my nose, it is not as even as the beauty blender. 

A comparison between CC cream using hand and CC cream using Beauty Blender. 
                              Using Beauty Blender
Gives a full coverage  that enables your skin to look flawless. 
areas around the nose and mouth and the sensitive areas under the eyes are fully covered ( : 
Covers up the pores like it was meant to be 
may takes a longer time to apply, all those Stippling actions may be quite exhausting but the result was quite satisfying so it doesn't matter . haha

                    Using hand
Still leaves a few creases and streaks.
Uneven coverage 
It may takes a shorter time to apply your make up but the results is not good at all. 

So i did a collage on my face to compare. from left to right
(naked face, CC cream using Beauty Blender and CC cream using hand)

I think the overall result is really good, because the beauty blender blends so well that i don't look like i'm wearing any CC cream on my face. It may takes up your time but i think the result is more important than how long it is to take to make your make up works right?

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Visit Luxola official page: http://www.luxola.com/
Visit Luxola Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/Luxola

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  5. Haha your sister is lovely! Btw, can you use the pointy part for blending foundation or bb cream? I think for detail areas like around eyes or nose would be blended well with the pointy part, it would feel like colouring? Haha anyway nice product

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