Friday, August 2, 2013

super duper vain pictures for this sunday plan

okay, these few weeks have been nothing but a boring week ever!
going school has never been so easy, because all we ever do there was to stare at each other, gossip, play cards and then continue staring at each other.
okok, my blog is getting boring too, because apparently, if i didn't go out or do anything interesting, this is what happen to my blog too, nothing full of interesting things!
then these pictures all are unrelated to my blog post!
but for the love of it, it's human nature to read blog with photos, 
anything with photos are interesting, just like a comic book is more interesting than a dictionary.

then this picture is soo vast different than the one above! that's because it's the BEFOR make up look! big difference? No?
anyway! it's a two weeks holiday now and i'm excited to go to the carnivall, Sungai Petani with Dan and esther and esther's big butt (no it wasn't her butt i'm speaking off, it's her boyfriend). it's a bit sad to see that only a few of us would go, unlike last year, we went to penang on a whole bus to ourselves like a boss. 
it's just a small water theme park (the nearest to where we live, even though it's a 45 minutes drive from here)

So ya, this is the carnivall! VERY small, but at least for a change instead of going to the movies or what. It's also my first water theme park after ten freaking years of not going to any water theme park!
i've never been there before so i did some googling about the location, the price, the rides and all that. 
well, it's for a change.

and yeah, the only 'hardcore' ride. 
but anyway, after the water theme park, we're planning to head to sunway carnival for a hangout. i'm dissapointed that there won't be any horror movie out that day, but i guess the boys would love to go to Brewball!

look pretty cool huh? i walk pass there the other day and it look so cool. 
it's a pool centre plus you get to play billiard too! 
i bet the guys would love this. 

so i'm looking forward for this sunday to come! i'm glad that mummy let me go! i want to spent these few months with him like there was no tomorrow, because i know my mum is all out to ship me off to singapore right after STPM. I'm so sad to leave him here if that happens, because after all we had been through, it's highly impossible for me to loose him. He always tell me to go for it, don't make him be the one that stop me from going far, i always feel dishearten each time i heard about NUS. 
i think i do okay if i'm there, just as long as i spent enough time with him to feed me from missing him ) :
but somehow, i do hope he can come too~

what am i saying, i don't even know if NUS or NTU gonna take me in with this kind of result.
*nervous laugh*



  1. huhu, looks like you having a great day and that's good too~ =D

  2. woooo! the water carnival is super near to my granny's house. but i never go before. the last time i wanna go, my aunt told us that it's still not completely done constructing, not worth it :X

  3. beautiful picture~ liked the first pic~ =D


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