Saturday, August 10, 2013

Half day out with babes!

i like the lighting in Sushi King! see?? no filter for this photo! and well, okay, plus my camera too, using semi-pro P510. 
okay, it's been like hell just to plan one half day outing with my babes all the way from Kampar and my dear little friend Nicole! first i suggested ohbella, since i'm dying to scrawl my name on the wall of the shop, haha, then they change it to habit art cafe, then this tortoise wanted to go SASA buy liptint 
so we all have to go alorstar mall for her liptint. oh yes, she bought Maxfactor, very good brand girl! and it's like 50% discount! damn worth it!

first of all, i have to fetch all three of them, yes! i'm the driver! from PKNK to Taman Saga, (which is like a huge huge test for me, because it was soooo freaking congested due to Hari Raya) i can hear all of them were like going OOF, NOo!! ANN TAN!! DON"T PANIC! GOT BUMP!! and then the car will go over the bump, and then everybody was like OOOFF. 
and no kidding, i curse and swear the F word each time i drive. XD

me and lovely Nicole! 
so the horror movie is obviously out of tickets, i'm a bit disappointed but on the other hand, thankful because i'm going to drive alone later, i don't want to be scared on my way back late at night though. 
so we ended up in sushi king and yeah, girls will be girls, they love to camwhore, and especially when the lighting is perfect!
me and jia wen, that tortoise who make me change my plans like =='' a hundred time. oh dear~~

see the other three babes, brenda, shey hwa and Sandy. 
okay, another photo~ this girl can't stop taking photos when she is all dolled up though~
me apparently kissing Brenda~
she is two years my junior by the way~
then we went to cha time to chill.
yes, we girls are bored to the max! they got the tickets to watch the Conjuring at 6 pm but then it was pretty too late for me to watch it with them, so i pass, together with Nicole we went to Tutti Fruitti and then later i have dinner at Gemilang with Low and Dan. thanks for the acc Nicole!! haha It's Low last day here by the way before he head off to Penang~ Bubye big butt! i know Dan gonna miss you! HAHAHAAH

okay, so here's all the "supposingly" OOTD post
there are rules for each person i took a picture with. like with Sandy, stand behind someone to make yourself look thinner.
good idea Sandy
idea number two, if you are posing with another person who has different style than you (take me and Brenda whom she is wearing street style while me, girly as always) pose differently to distract people away from our differences
idea number three, if she is seemingly same height as you, but choose to wear heels, and you look shorter beside her, stick your head closer to her~
idea number four, if you seemingly want to cover the differences of height, bend down a bit (don't too obvious) and strike an awkward pose

and i look UGLY here, but i can't leave her out though~
so no particular rules here, she just want to be on the left each time you wanna snap pictures with her.

here's one of the few camwhore shots in the car. 
yes, i'm driving but it's a traffic light there, no harm right? hee *innocent glee*
what i wore. 
yes, i always wear the red shoe , because it's  so far the comfortable shoe i can wear !
thanks Jia wen for all the OOTD shots~

okay, forget the filters, this is the original wan, just make it mirrored to create illusions of distraction (whatever that is! haha)

pale pink hairband: Fourskin
Stripes Top: Hatyai 
waist length skater skirt: 
red flats: Brands Outlet
Furry black bag : Sephora (ya, Sephora sells make up stuff, but buy more an amount, they give you this bag)

my next target!!! liptint from Peripera!!!!! saw it in Watson (atcually saw it a few months ago, but didn't have the heart to save money and buy it, rather save it on buying clothes) but i make it a promise to buy it! 



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