Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Carnivall and Sunway Carnival

the weird angle photo in the car with the driver! Dan looks like he wasn't even opening his eyes when he drive!
okay, so it was sunday where me, esther, Dan and Low went to Sungai Petani water theme park, (seriously, this place is damn small and abandon! we own the place by the way!)
i started my journey waiting for Dan to fetch me in the house, (damn nervous because he decided to come down from the car and call my dad as a courtesy, mummy wasn't there so i got a bit disappointed)
then it was awkward! damn awkward to see my dad at the door waving back at us. 
DAMN awkward!
we waited for chun yee to come fetch us though, waited until 9.30 then only we move out. this is me and esther at the carnivall's toilet. 
i was thinking rm20 or rm25 for the entrance, but it turn out it's only rm12!!
bloody cheap! and we totally own the place because there's nobody at all! 
(but nobody means the big rides are not ready yet, we waited till around 11.30 for the big ride to function)
see Dan and Low waiting for us, girls to change. haha poor them, keep waiting and waiting because, 
girls are girls,
we're in nature SLOW when it comes to toilet. camwhoring, make up, admiring ourselves in the mirror are just natural process for girls when it comes to the loo. 

we went to this first, seeing that most of the rides are not function yet due to the time (this is a copied image of the river ride) the real riveride, we didn't even have that freaking water from the cave! plus, we own the place as usual, seriously, NOBODY at all! there were a few waves from the river too.
but the floor is damn bloody dirty! they should do some cleaning

after getting bored at being rolling around the "river" we headed on to the kid's playground. i love the big bucket that splashes huge water over us at a certain of time, and ya, we as adults, still acted like a kid over there.
then Dan's dream came true when he saw one guard went up the the rides, and we hurry to try it out. 
I didn't know i was so phobic at turns that i ended up getting dizzy, really dizzy!
i thought rollercoaster's are fine, but i didn't know after years of being absent over it, i ended up feeling sick. so was Low, so we sat at the bottom of the ride and waited for our partners to slide down. 
it was really DIZZY!

but this was the only hardcore ride we went for so many times! (despite that u have to climb stairs after stairs for it!) the blue ride is the most hardcore! it was sooo freaking steep your heart drop to your stomach and then it pull your heart back again!
at least this ride don't make me dizzy!
and at least this ride, you get to ride it with your partner along with the float!
girls infront, guys at the back, and you hear me screaming my head off.

we took another fifteen minutes drive to Sunway Carnival at Bukit Mertajam to shop and eat over there, 
of ALLLL food outlet, i don't know why we ended up at Sakae Sushi, and eat nothing! *shake head* then we both headed our own way to shop, i didn't shop much though because Dan didn't seem like an enthusiast in shopping, and i only manage to get one long blouse. 
After that we went to Toys R Us, well, at least that lightens up him
and i saw ERNIE!!!
freaking cute right!?!?!?!

then we didn't have nowhere to go at all! we went down for some yoghurt and then drank blackball's fresh milk plus herbal jelly! (me and Dan's favorite) and then went to Subway to meet Esther and Low again
decided not to go to Karaoke because it was bloody expensive, and the thought of going Autocity to eat AGAIN scares everyone because we're too filled up for our appetite, so we went to watch RED2 instead
lo and behold!
we went back
ate at Alor Star mall
and got home
i can't say i am disappointed with it

but it was a day to remember~



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