Friday, August 30, 2013

Hair extensions

hi guys, this is my current hair, which seems middle length and well, let's just be honest, it's not easy having curly hair because look at how messy it is, and the hours you spent to keep your tresses tidy is really hard. imagine having to buy all sorts of curling serum, curl enhancer, even have to sleep carefully in order to avoid your hair getting frizzy when you wake up, or even so you have to keep squishing you hair to make sure it's still bounce-like. 
All come to the extend where i was thinking about hair extensions! Hair extensions are easy to maintain, plus your curls are well kept and you needn't worry waking up looking like you have just enraged from a war. 

okay, so this is my hair during April (left), which was five months ago, and the photo on the (right) is my current hair.  i know it was really short in the beginning , and it was a HUGE mistake to chop of my long mane. I didn't intended it, but the hairdresser said if i want to have curls, it is best to have your short, so that when your hair grew, it will grow perfectly like you wanted. 
well guess what, i am still sick of the length i am having right now and i can't wait for my hair to grow over chest length. it's been five months now, and i'm still stuck having this mid-length hair. that's why hair extensions will come in handy when you give up waiting for your hair to grow long.

that's where Hair Extension come's in handy in Pickhair (check out the website)
if you want to do any hair extensions, you can choose the length you want from 10 inches to even as long as 30 inches too!i won't mind taking the around 20 inches seeing that i really DO love long hairs. According to stats, male still prefers their partners to have long hairs over chest length. 
plus you can choose the colour that suits your current hair colour, so that the colour won't differs and it will look natural on you

you can choose all the variety of hair extensions that you want, either from natural wavy, body wavy, deep curly, loose wavy and straight. As for me, i have curly hair so naturally, i think loose wavy looks nice on me. 
so i can imagine if i have any extensions, i will have hairs like what i use to have
(pic below)

fluffy hair~~
but of course, i want to make sure that the hair extension that i'm getting is pure and not mixed with any synthetic hair, or else i will end up looking like i am wearing a wig instead! so look for 100% pure virgin hairs that are good in quality. 

or maybe i can get a lace closure hair extensions because it is easier to be fix. 
so if anyone out there wanted to get extensions on their hair, i suggest 
you to go get it from

which offers a wide variety of hair extensions from Brazil, Peru, Malaysia and even India! all their hair extensions are 100% virgin (no synthetic hairs) to ensure that you will look really natural with it. 
for me, i can't wait for my hair to be like this (pic below)



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  2. I'll look gayish if I wore hair extensions. LOL

  3. haha, din know you got wear fake hair~ XD

  4. actually you look so cute with short hair <333

  5. omg you should post a photo with the extensions as soon as you get them >u< I'm really interested in seeing how natural extensions will look! I think you should get the natural wavy extension because they're so beautiful *-* But I honestly think that your hair is already really long haha :D


  6. I think you have beautiful hair! :)

  7. I love curly hair and your hair looks beautiful. :)

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  8. wow... I am looking forward to see you with these extension! I have been saving long hair for a really long time too!!
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  9. Great! Beautiful hair for extension :) Check out my blog... and what do you think... do you wanna follow each other?

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  15. cool hair!
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  16. You're so gorgeous! The last photo is stunning!
    And it's such a pain to grow out long hair isn't it??
    My hair feels like it's never growing :(



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