Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oasap back to school wadrobe

okay, so as you all may know 
Oasap is holding a back to school contest where you just leave your email and wish you win! easy as that, and out of hundreds of comments! i was the one being picked!! how lucky! especially when i'm in Malaysia and Oasap is in the states!

Here's what they give me~exact all full set

and my rendition of it~ 

it was meant to wear back to school, but in Malaysia we have uniforms to wear. so i guess, this was meant to be wear "back to tuition" or something


okay, i have loads of cam shots of myself using the self timer. did i mention i was sweating loads for the shots? haha, i love the baggy top by the way!

try to act cute~ this shows that i'm still young~

tried to tuck the top in for a high-waist feeling

a really studious feeling with this photo
anyway, it's gleaming hot under the sun so the photos turn out a bit yellowish. 
i like how Oasap sent the package to me within five days of postage. It was pretty fast seeing that it was from oversea. 

as you can see i'm sweating, this weather can kill me, thanks for the short skirt by the way

a collage of my shots~

and ya, you can see the slight difference between these two pictures. 
i have a really fat face (left) and seemingly i do not like to take pictures face front unless my head is tilted to the side or at odd angles. 

so here is my first advert for OASAP! i promise to write for them! i hope bloggers out there would visit this site more, because i myself know about this online fashion clothing store through another blogger!

click here for oasap official website
and here for Oasap facebook page
where you can still stand a chance to win this free BACK TO SCHOOL WARDROBE!!!
yes! it's in their cover photo of their facebook page!
hurry up! contest ends on the 31st of August!
this is the other back to school package winner! that's very lucky! she has an extra clothing item! haha

and this too!! i superb love the leggings and the earrings!

thanks Oasap!



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  2. matching and one word - CUTE

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  4. omg the clothes looks so cute >u< I love the baggy sweater *-* you looks so bubbly aaah can't get over your chubby cheeks >u< They're so adorable~ You're so lucky that you won it! I never win on those giveaways :'c

  5. I love it! You look great in it :) Congrats on winning!

    lovely blog<3

  6. I love your post! Your skirt is so cute :) Anyways, thank you for the comment. I'd love to follow each other. I'll follow you right now on GCF. Lovely post!


  7. super cute back to school outfit, you look adorable!♡

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  8. aw wow! you were a winner??

    I joined the contests but doesn't seem like im winning anything jaja


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  9. Gosh, you're so pretty & adorable! The clothes suit you a lot :)

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  14. omg so lucky you! love the top they gave you!! thanks for introducing this brand, the stuff there looks great! :)

    xoxo, Joei


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