Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Langkawi two days

hi guys! back from a short trip with my family to Langkawi!
i am ashame that i didn't visit this place for almost 10 years even though it's so near at where i live. 
okay, so this is me in the car (pic above) bumping to Kuala Perlis to board the jetty 

ya so this is us in the boat
me, my bro's gf, mum and daddy busy playing with his phone
ticket price around rm18 for the big boat

okay, so after we check in to our hotel, we went straight to oriental village to sit the highest cable car (what said to be the highest in the world) yeap, i can totally know what they meant, it was very steep! and to think you are just hanging there by a 'thread'.besides going for a ride in the cable cars, you can also ride the duck tour in oriental village or watch the 6D motion or even ride horses or have a go at the flying fox.

at the cable car, this is the view . good eh? we were at the bottom minutes ago, can't believe we were up there in just a couple of minutes.

and from there we can see the famous seven don't know what..well?
and this is the stopping station where we can take scenic pictures. 
the background there you can see the sea, very beautiful scenery!
and ya, of course this is what i wore. ootd of the day.

me and my parents

a brighter version, (this was taken at the very top of the platform) the sky bridge as you can see below (crane looking thing) was closed at the moment due to maintenance. all the mountains behind me, so beautiful right?

next, we took a drive to the black sand beach.
yes, the sand is really black!
they say if you dig it to the base, the normal sand will appear, but we keep digging but there's still black sand all over!

me sitting at a branch surrounded by black sands!

then we went to Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) for our last beach stop the next day. Cenang Beach is the best beach in Langkawi for swimming (besides Tanjung Rhu which is privatize for hotel guests only)
this beach is quite big and yeah, the area around there is quite happening too.

the seahorse pose~
lol thanks Daniel for suggesting it!
tigh gap? quite a narrow one i must say~ haha, i know people around tumblr are having this trend about tigh gaps and it was said to be negative influence because it pushes people to be skinny, and in some cases, anorexic. 
in my cases, just eat healthily like me, and you still have tigh gap~ don't worry
(even though it's quite a narrow gap)

then we went back to oriental village because mummy wanted to buy her clothes again

and one very dumb-face expression look. i just post this picture because i like how my leg look like in here. very long, make me look like i'm about 170cm, but of course, i'm only 156cm! very short and petite, i know 

so ya, this is pretty much everything
i know it's quite short, other people's travelling blog was like two pages of drawing block long! 
anyway, there's two good news i came across this week.
one is that i have won OASAP back to school 

here's what it wrote for me on OASAP facebook page!
Winner on Aug.7th is "Ann Tan"!! 
It's time to refresh your 'back to school wardrobe'! 
these items will be shipped for
I'll check your shipping address on oasap.com. 
Focus on Aug.12th (Monday), who will be next lucky winner !? 

this is the lovely back to school wardrobe package they are going to sent to me! with a courtesy of it, i will post the outfit pictures once it arrived~
you guys can win back to school wardrobe too!!
there are about 117 comments to win this! and i'm so lucky to have it!
thanks OASAP!

and Chicnova contacted me via email about sponsoring too. i didn't know about this website until it contacted me. which is a good start for me, seeing that i'm new in this sponsoring thing



  1. I love what you put on , enjoyed flipping through your blog ,

    ( Love Me Some Neutrals ) new outfit post on my blog .


  2. I've never been to langkawi for more than nearly 20 years LOL! opps, does that expose my age? :x

  3. well, it has been a long time i did not go to Langkawi too~ >.<~

  4. its been quite some times since i went langkawi. kindda miss that place already. oh i thought u are very tall, perhaps 160++. :X

  5. Lovely pictures! Seemed like you enjoy this trip and I'm quite surprised of the black sand - that's really unique :)
    Langkawi reminds me of Ba Na Hills in Vietnam!

    ♥ Maho

  6. lovely post!follow each other on GFC? Thanks! :)


  7. beautiful Pictures and you look great!
    Follow you back!

  8. omg girl you looks super gorgeous!! *Q* I love your hair and your smile :)
    The cable car looks so dangerous and I think I would be too scared to go into them. It's so freaking high Q_Q The beach looks really beautiful tho! :o I love the photos you took there haha you looks super cute and somehow you remind me a bit of a rabbit haha :3 really adorable~ ^-^*

    ♡ Mindy~

  9. the black sand is so cool!:) lovely post!♥I'm following you on bloglovin (petra lorencová)♥ you can follow me back if you'd like;) kisses!


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  10. been so long i went to langkawi. nice photos!^^

  11. Cool photos! It looks like you've had the best time :)
    If you want you can check out my blog and maybe follow each other (gfc, bloglovin)?


  12. you look very gorgeous!
    would you like to follow each other?

  13. What a nice place ?

    U look so pretty too !



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