Thursday, July 25, 2013

Super duper randomly post

went to penang last friday and i ended up wearing nothing extraordinary. 
i knew it was a BIG mistake going, i should have go penang this week because Gurney Paragon has open! after two days i went to penang. 
i heard Victoria's Secret is there!! even Debenhams! good gracious, i wish i can go again , and well, let me dress properly that time. HAHA

Anyway, my hair is still that messy as always, i have no intention to care for it, just wish i outgrow it and i trim it off again to have more healthy hair. mwaahaha, anyway, 

the exam aftermath is gone! we have three assignments to race with, and not to mention, i only have one week due to my assignment. 
not to mention, have you girls taken your HPV shots?
i did last wednesday with the girls at NUR klinik which offers free shots for girls of all age (just as long as you're still schooling)
okay, i was pretty freak out at having needles poking in your arm. 
and the procedure was pretty fast, i was jumping up and down when i saw how fast patient get their shots and before i can breathe, is my turn
well, truth to be told, the shots were not that painful, but you will have sore arms for a day or two. So nothing to worry about. wait till you have your third shots and then you can bawl infront of me 

and ya, i kept complaining to my mum how i didn't have my Laneige facial wash anymore and how my skin condition is soooo terrible. so my mum went to buy it again for my EARLY birthday present, which is not due till 24th of september. damn early right?
but anyway, my skin improves a lot, thanks to it! my one and only reliable skin care. i don't say it works like magic (where you can see porcelain skin, it just IMPROVEs)
and as usual, i am a Kitschen lover. i love this lace dark blue dress , but it was toooo short to be worn though. so sadly, i gave it away and brought one t-shirt nia. 

this is totally random of my post, you see, i didn't do anything particular interesting to be written off here,
all i can say
i've been doing sits up and squats to trim of my bottom fatness. 
it's been four days, a record it seems. 
(i was never an exercise chick)



  1. I love a simple outfits like you do in black and white :)


  2. Pretty dress and hair, following u too now!

  3. waaa. laneigh products lehhh! and nice dress!

  4. I'm following you now.
    gfc and bloglovin - hope you follow back

  5. hey thanks for the follow; i'm already following youuu X)

    your dress is super cute and i love your messy hair [:

  6. Ahh, happy early birthday! And omg - ANOTHER LANEIGE FAN! It's my favourite! *___*

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC/Bloglovin? Junniku blog [Click!]
    - A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

  7. I bet you'll go crazy when you come over to paragon. You'll smell Victoria secret's perfumes from far!! Mad love mad love.

  8. You should come over to paragon anytime soon! You'll even smell Victoria secret's edp far away. Mad love mad love.
    However I'm anticipating for H&M to open..

  9. I bet you'll go crazy when you come over to paragon. You'll smell Victoria secret's perfumes from far!! Mad love mad love.

  10. love your hair! and best of luck with your new exercise routine.


  11. Love the Dress =))

  12. You look really cute :)
    Love your hair <3
    Off course I want to follow each other!
    I'm following you now on GFC and bloglovin ;)

  13. I haven't had my HPV vaccination :| Planned to have some vaccinations and shots on my arms and back (some uterus vaccination) before going to uni but it has been 2 years and I haven't had any :/ dang am I too late?
    Ohh btw, replying your comment, I think Bandung is more for shopping rather than sightseeing ;) 3 nights should be enough :D

    And you look beautiful!!
    My facial skin is now horrible due to hormones, XD
    though it doesn't last long but it's still painful.

  14. You should've bought the dress in the last shot! it's super cute~



  15. LOVE the blogs and your style !!

    --Please come by and check my blog out whenever you have time !! (:


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