Thursday, August 8, 2013

Primary school class gathering!

finally!! interesting thing happen !! and finally! my blog seem alive again! weeee!!!
thanks to organizer Jia Ling and Ee Bhei for this reunion! Some girls i haven't seen them for like 7 freaking years and i'm excited to meet all of them again!
the truth is, nobody has change much, well except for the boys who manage to have growth spurt (either horizontally or vertically *raise eyebrow* if you know what i meanXDD)

okay, at first it was just four of us, me, wanting , miao huan and jia ling waiting for the rest to come. 

then yes, people starts to fill in and tadaa~~ 15 of us!
there were a few of them who came at the very last minute around 9.30 where the restaurant is closing soon. 

then we have a few camwhore session.
Each time one random people come, we started to challenge them asking them to say out all our names to make sure he or she doesn't forget us! 
and then we started talking about old time, like whose nickname is whose, who is long forgotten in our class, which teacher is which, and also some ghost experience during our primary school trip. 
and practically, we are really noisy ! haha

then around 9.15, we brought the cake in!! to celebrate Wan Ting's belated birthday and Evon's upcoming birthday!
it was meant as a surprise, and ya, they didn't see it coming. 

The Oreo cheese birthday cake! with the writing "to MISS KHOO"
because both of them surnames were KHOO. (okay, plenty of grammar mistakes here, but i don't bother!)

then we have more camwhore session. me and Lini and Miao Huan!

then the girls have their shots.
there was a joke between the guys saying that when it comes to snapping pictures for the girls, they are at their wildest moment =='
now that was a bit sexist~

and then finally the late people are here!
one last group shot before we scoot off.
and the lighting is horrible ==''
and my look for that day 
LOL! damn vain i know, i was snapping here and there outside my house like there's no one there.
everything just for the blog though~
and anyway, you guys must be wondering what happen to my water theme park plan last sunday! haha, i was DEADLY disappointing that i didnt take much of a picture that day!
seriously! i was sooo disappointed! i can't believe that i manage to let my mum approve me of going out of town and i didn't have any damn worthy picture at all!!

outfit of the day!
my two piece clothes!
it's raining two pieces now!
get it now before the trend runs out!



  1. i'm glad that i'm still close with my primary school friends :D

  2. Nice, good to maintain back relationship with your primary school classmates, i haven't met mine for more than a decade LOL opps, that exposes my age :/


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