Monday, September 9, 2013

Choies clothes wish list

Choies~an online store that sells all sorts of apparel you can name it, with a budget 0-500 USD and you can even shop for men's apparel too. 
(picture above) i put up a few of my dress wish list that i wish to have. cut outs are my favorite and i love the cut out is at the midriff there. 

this is my collage of clothes wish list, plus the shoes that i love to have! crop tops are a must this year and i can't resist the scallop looking end of the crop cat sweater!
totally irresistable, and seeing that i hardly wear heels out, i opt for loafers and flats and platforms instead. 
All from Choies~ ( :

for a sweeter looking look from Choies~ i round up all the pale looking colour clothes, i love the jeans coloured skirt, especially flare looking skirts, and the pink two piece suit, that pastel colour really caught my eye

and for the denim two piece suits~
my favorite is the middle one, so laid back and simple looking ( :
besides that, all these three looks are a bit edgy and it's a fresh look for me ~

a pick of my favorites~ the last white collared dress i find it suits to my liking ( :
and ya, the two piece suits again with the peplum top is so pin up looking

so are you hungry for the clothes on my wishlist?
it's all over Choies , go get it from there 



  1. nice pieces!

  2. The first set is so lovely, thanks for sharing this. :)


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  4. Great clothes!
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  5. beautiful clothes!

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  6. I love the clothes above*-* But I'm still hesitating to order from their site :o A lot of people buy there clothes there and I really like their clothes too ~ It's just because of taxes ; n ;
    But Thank you for sharing, AnnTan~! ^__^


  7. Hi dear, thanks for your comment!
    Those Chicnova stuff I just bought with a coupon, and they asked me to post the things I bought on the blog :)
    Hey, thanks for following me! Followed you back :)

  8. I like your blog!


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  10. Love the last pieces!! I know Choies from many time before, great selection! :)
    Hope you visit my blog soon sweetie!

    Lucia Gallego Blog

  11. We love Choies! you selection is fabulous!!
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  12. Sweet I love Choies ^^

    恵美より ♥

  13. aw i love the complete second selection! i would buy everything !! (:
    i really like your blog, enjoy reading it a lot! you're so creative with inspiring posts.
    what do you think about following each other?
    we could stay in touch though!! just let me know on my blog.
    wish you a wonderful day, dear!!

  14. beautifull clothes
    love all

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  16. Hi i love your blog, found it while randomly surving a couple days ago, will keep checking up. Btw yesterday i was having troubles reaching the site. Cya...


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