Friday, May 10, 2013

Versatile BLOGGER award!!

Thanks ANNICK LAU!!! from Paper heart along with you
for nominating me for this Versatile Blogger award!!

Here are the rules: thanks the person who nominated you and include a LINK to their blog!!nominate 15 blogs and let them know about your nomination!! and then post seven random things about yourself!!!
this is really great for blog networking!!

MY SEVEN RANDOM things about myself!
  • i played three musical instruments
  • i consider shopping as an exercise
  • i cannot stand to see small little one bit one bit thing clutter together,it'll gave me goosebumps!
  • I am IN LOVE with ERNIE from Sesame street! (yes, that muppet)
  • i am afraid of being lonely
  • I can't sleep without my favorite blue pillow
  • i choose magazines instead of books
And here are my nominees!!!

and so i hope all the nominees will join in the fun!
it's such a great way to network with other blogs around the world!!



  1. Congrats!! ^^ And thanks for nominating my blog!! :) (I changed my blog name yesterday so I was happy that you had wrote it right!! :D)
    I will do it tomorrow when I have time^^ Have a nice wekend:)

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  3. woww thank you very find my blog on your nominees:))
    im so happy,next I will join:))
    once again thank you very much:))

  4. Thank you so much Ann! (: Wow, you play 3 instruments? That's amazing!!!

    Best Wishes,

  5. Really cool fellow blogger award for you Ann! :)
    Glad to see you like magazines too ... sometimes I prefer that too hehe :)
    Happy weekend!

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    ❤ ~Chai
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  6. that third point of your facts.... WE SHARE THE SAME PHOBIA! it's called Trypophobia (let me warn you don't try to google it unless you can block the google images from popping up). :(


  7. that third point of your facts... WE SHARE THE SAME PHOBIA! It's called Trypophobia (don't try to Google it unless you can block the Google Images from popping up) :(


  8. Hello! Thank you for the nomination, I just read it by today I will post it in my next post x)

    And btw, Moolgyul hair is like mermaid hair, not sure how it works, but surely for me it looks difficult to maintain :D but it looks nice! Probably you want to check it out:


  9. i just did Liebster blog award during march. maybe not doing this lu :X. but dont worry, i still let u know here
    1. I love to eat and i am a big eater!
    2. I get amazed with small little thing :X
    3. I always blurrrrrrrr (most of the time i'm day dreaming la :P)
    4. Blogging, read blog is how i kill my time when i'm alone :O
    5. To be honest, i'm not exactly a Penangites, my parents are from different state and i am borned in Kedah but i grow up in Penang and I super inlove with this place *i got no idea why i end up here but cant help it, the food is too good!
    6. I am super lazy. :X. always last min study!
    7. addicted to candy crush now!!!!

  10. thanks a ton for this :D


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