Saturday, May 25, 2013

being ignored or was i sensitive?

feeling very down ever since
was i being ignored or was i too sensitive?
am i the only one realizing that nobody answers me whenever i talk?
am i the only one who realize that i'm the only one who cares about them and they don't care about me?

they say you will have the best ever friend when you're in school
i have the best ever family in school
but they are breaking up
flashing back to the beginning of the year
when we don't judge each other
when we group together and have fun regardless of what background we have

until the conflict starts, 
until people understands you and starts to judge you
starts to realize you're not perfect
and they keep their distance

they have codes, they have secrets you'll never tend to have your share with
is this how we roll last time?
maybe it is, that i didn't notice

wishing things will be the same again
) :
feel lonely


  1. i will always right beside u ... mentaly :D love ya <3

  2. Cheer up Ann~! I know that feeling way too well, but things will get better if you keep your chin up :)

  3. Oh don't worry too much dear! I feel things will be alright. Keep on smiling :)

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  4. Dont worry too much Ann! Things like that always happens, I believe you can find somebody that is able to connect with you despite your imperfections. I've been through all these and walked out of it by believing that there's always somebody right beside you but you haven't see! Don't ever give up, perservere on pretty lady! Don't ever think of it as the end of the world( like what some others does) , don't keep looking back at the past, move on! :)


  5. Dont think too much. This is life, not only love. Friendship too, u need to overcome alot of thing only can built up a stronger relationship with each other,Cheer! : )

  6. Guessing everybody, wait no, every girls are facing this problem :(
    Maybe its due to our over-thinkings?

    To be honest, my group too, in KSAH last year broke down too like suddenly.
    Haih maybe we once used to be too close? :(

  7. yeah i tend to have the same feelings too *sighed*


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