Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sisterdream and younique clothes!

I don't know why i am not a big fan of make up and beauty products but i focus on clothes!
each time i online, i'll be sticking my eyes on clothes all the time!
no kidding, here's my clothes addiction

this is from a facebook shop called Fashion Store
here's the link

This year trending prints! i saw this at Moris but goodness! i don't think i can ever fit into it!! it's really super small!! (i'm a size 4 but i can't even fit into it!) guess this is only for size 2 girls?

and this is from Sisterdream and younique
Sisterdream collection is only Rm25 per piece!!! super damn bloody cheap! and for younique, the price is a bit higher, but still cheap if you ever compare to buying it offline!
i realize Fashion Store took some of their pieces to sell too! and they are selling it at rm69!?!? so, i guess people, brighten up your eyes before buying ! check out the original store, you get it way cheaper than that!

one of their "younique" piece

i wish i can wear pieces like that too!
plus the models are really pretty don't you think so?

something for prom?


i love bralets!!! ahh if only i can wear it out!

nice high waist shorts for casual

this is the bomb!!

saw this piece at Moris too!! but pieces at Moris is a bit more expensive than this


Damn freaking like this!

damn! i'm in love with it. 
anyway ! they even have their own website!!! it's like a shopping galore there
here check it out!

no need to crack your head to search for anything, just click on what type of clothes you have in mind!

*clothes drooling*
i'll be buying some of the pieces after exam! oh i know i will!!


  1. fabulous pieces! :) checking them out now! =)


  2. I can see why you love them dear! So cool fashion! Such clothes are pretty! :)
    Happy weekend dear!

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  4. I do my online shopping at Sisterdream too!

  5. Hello
    Blog hopping and found your very beautiful blog.

    Great post! Cute pics...

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  6. So many cute clothes! :)

    Jamie Kate
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  7. Hey, thanks for introducing. I've been searching for monochrome clothes for some time! And Yeah I agree with you, these models are pretty <3

  8. Each time i online, i'll be sticking my eyes on online boutiques too!

  9. Thanks for your comment^^ I'm already following you :3

  10. haha the bralets very niceee! haha i wan see u wear that! XD

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  12. So pretty !!! Wish i could own them all... Heee... Imma size six guess i cannot fit into those skirts as well :)

  13. lots of amazing clothes! :D


  14. U look stunning! Keep up the good work :)

  15. So many cute clothes and patterns. I am your new follower on bloglovin', pelase fell free to follow me back.

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