Friday, May 3, 2013

Gathering with the babes

tadaa! it's labor day and i'm out and about with the babes around town. 
okay, but first i have to endure four hours of seminar about General studies (my huge important exam is just around the corner and i'm still hanging around like a dead log)
i was hungry , the whole place was mad, i can't even find a single parking for my small car. not even a tiny little space for my small car!
finally after twenty minutes of spinning around, i manage to park , and quickly went to the only empty shop in Alor Setar Mall. 

Takio , selling squid stuffed with rice. I have it in mustard plus ketchup, my friend have it in thousand island sauce. i didn't ate anything since this morning so i ate it despite the fact that the plastic forks is useless in digging in the whole squid. 
my friend say, this is the first and the last time they are going to eat there. 
i agree 

we went to smiles yoghurt after that, they were having this one year anniversary bash where they deduct 50 percent off for everything we ordered! it was the most worthy thing i ever eaten then! i have my yoghurt for only Rm3 instead of Rm6 ! my friend have it in Rm6 instead of Rm12!! now this is really worth going in !

our cups all stacked up together. 
me with my babe!!
i share most of the things with her! probably everything !! anyway, i have a really bad hair day at that time, so i really look like an old aunty lah~

so we went to watch LONG WEEKEND (thai ghost show) . No kidding, this was my first horror movie in the cinema, i felt the trill but when the show started, i know i couldn't regret more. the place were sooo dark, and the music was loud and eerie. i am glad that i am sandwiched between my friends or else i'll be freaking out in my seats. 
not to mention, i and my friend take turns watching the popcorn instead of looking at the screen!
the show was really creepy , so i guess it's worth while watching . 
though i still have the creep around me now. 

awwh love her gorgeous long loose curls and braces makes her look cute!

my babe playing with my camera

Summer Leao!
she was the one watching the popcorn all the time! hahahaha guess it will be both of us first and the last watching horror movie!

sideway pose. i have to make a mental note to myself: get myself a NEW black bodycon skirt. this skirt has been worn out already and i'm still wearing it ! argh

another mental note to myself : get myself  a new pair of shoes! i do not have one proper shoe anymore!

then we went to BUBBLEGURT thinking to have dinner there, but oh well, all they have was rice with fried chicken or something. they are more towards desserts anyway, so we ended up drinking there. 

and posing there too. 
after that, i went to secret recepie and ate their grilled mushroom chicken with rice for dinner. 

stolen pictures~ anyway people had been using this camera editor called camera360? 
i think their filter is nice but the way they edit your pictures to make your skin look flawless is a no-no to me. people seems to be eyebrow-less instead. get what i mean? so i am most probably the only one who doesn't like camera 360
haha, okay, come kill me now camera360 lovers. XD

tadaa~~ this aint camera360 picture product. so you can atcually see my eyebrow from here. 

Stolen pictures again!
one last shot! 
these are all from my phone. 

anyway! okay, this will be my last hangout till my big big important exam pass! (which is 23rd of MAY)
no kidding, after trial exam, i felt sooo lazy i can't even walk to the bathroom without feeling the laziness. 

going penang tomorrow (hopefully)
gonna get myself a new pair of shoes, a black body con skirt and uniqlo leggings!! (they are too well-fit to be missed out!)

i think i'm getting a bit bustier now. 
hohoho, no kidding!


  1. cute girls! i guess you had so much fun with them! :)


  2. love love love it...:) read all if 'em

  3. the takio must be very yummy. btw, i'm very short ne ;X why?

  4. haha, you still the most beautiful out of your friend~ XD

  5. pretty!
    love your curly hair and blue peplum top :D

  6. Love your blue top, your body is to kill for!! >< Super jelly!! xxx

  7. I think you look gorgeous with your current hair! xD heehee~~ rather than my plain-looking hair I really want some light perm (maybe moolgyul perm) but I hear it's SO HARD to maintain and I'm a busybee person so I am still considering whether to get moolgyul perm or stay as plain XD

    You're so pretty keke! I wish to be as fit, love your peplum dress, I can never fit any peplum xDD I'm too fat~

    Meow back :3


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