Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lucky shirt with homemade banana chocolate walnut milicrepe cake

it's been ages since i last posted ? lol! okay, it's just one week ago! i went for a last minute shopping (even though my wallet is sickly thin and dehydrated) i manage to dig out a few change to buy up this super duper ultra i-don't-know-wanna-wear-it-out-to pants!
i saw it's the trending black white prints recently and i think i should have it! so, i spot it at MORIS again! omg, i just love that shop. HAHA
and even though it looks soo tight outside, surprisingly it's really loosen at the waist there. 

tadaa~ i now regret it though, why? because the first thing that came through my mum's mouth was "where are you going to wear it to?"
and it got me thinking, yup, i can't wear it to anywhere! people would stare! I'm not living in KL, i'm living in ALOR STAR! people would stare
and i think
if i can sell it, i would!
anybody interested?

from the top, i like how comfy it is, i don't feel at all tied up!

unpublished photos!~
anyway, i would like to share my exam experience
i think it was much easier than last semester, but as usual, Business studies really is my weakness. i messed up the whole essay questions (which stands in about 50 marks)
i am sooo going to die in that paper again. Last semester, THAT was the result that distort my whole result, and i can predict, this semester will be the same. 
oh why!?!? *cry in dismay* ) :

first banana and walnut milicrepe cake by my mum!!
i was melting overthere because mum put my favorite fellow Ernie from sesame street on the cake!
i gave it a good bathing later on!

the inside of the cake. 
and i have fun on my grandmother's bicycle. 

and a short photoshoot with my cousin (reading the newspaper)


anyway, i've been stressing out real hard!
i have two weeks holiday break but i don't feel any rest at all!!
my sister came home from singapore and seriously it's exhausting!
i've drive here and there, go here and there, did this and that!
and out of the blue, my old violin teacher phone me up and ask me to join this concert (i was a last minute replacement, no doubt, i was given only three days to practice)
and his practice hour are insane!!! 9 am to 5 pm!!!! !&*^#(*??!?
i just went for the first practice today (2-5pm)
and it already killed half of my soul inside!
i can't imagine having to go through 9-5 for the next two days!!

and next week i'll be off for a five days convoy trip to Thailand.There will be 40 cars in one stretch driving to Koh Lanta (a beautiful island near Krabi island)
i don't really enjoy this very much because they be visiting temples and stopping by to see the scenery. 
but seeing that my parent can't stand to leave me at home alone for five days, they drag me along. so i comforted myself by looking forward to the food, hotel, swimming pool and beach

two weeks of bloody packing day!

and i was feeling too sensitive ~
forgive me


  1. The pant is very beautiful, no need to sell it wor : ))
    Have a safe trip ya.

  2. id like to invite you to my OASAP giveaway


  3. Ummmm it is appetizing cake!
    The leggings I really like.
    I already follow you.

  4. dont go stress tho! find time to relax! btw! nice outfits with the pants! :D wear it to mall! hha

  5. oh, dear... i like your black and white pants...

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  6. Hi Ann,

    Greetings from Australia and nice to know you via blogging. I'm a Singaporean living in Australia and loves baking and blogging.

    Your lucky shirt and grandma's bike looks really cool! Lucky? You must be... eating this delicious banana and walnut milicrepe cake made by your mum :D

    I'm now your latest follower and hope to hear from you soon.



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