Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My OOTD and my shopping haul

okay, maybe i'm a little too late for the midriff trend. Baring your midriff is NOT sexy, so don't come here and judge me . 
but of course, i never did wear this out in Alor Star. you got to know what you can wear, and what you CAN"T wear. i'm living in an islamic state, so it's not appropriate to wear anything too revealing, even if it's just a midriff, bare shoulder or low cut blouse. 
i can't even wear shorts when my mum bring me to GIANT hypermarket, because she says there will be a lot of malays there, and as a respect to them, i have to wear pants over the knee. 

okay, my legs haven't been the best part of my body (it sounded like i'm talking about some fried chicken) i finally get to buy this black bodycon skirt from SEED!! (ditch the lace black skirt i use to wear) and i just realize bodycon skirt are soooooooo cheap compare to normal skirts.
anyway, my sem 2 exam will be here soon!
i don't know why i lack of the oomph to study now, or maybe it's because i kept studying the same thing, so i feel bored?

the back of my skirt with the zip. i still think it's short to wear out of the house. 
so i'm gonna keep wearing it till the elastic loosen up so that it can be pulled down a little when i wear it, so that the length will lengthen . 

this week, i've saw all the new juniors coming in to my school. As usual, we as seniors would elongates our neck just to take a peek at them, exclaiming who is pretty and good looking. i saw a couple of pretty girls, (no kidding, i'm not interested to look at good looking boys). 

taken down from the top. 
and yeah, me with the staircase. the lovely accessory on my neck is from VINTAGE WARDROBE. 
you guys can check it out through here
and i hate my hair, as time goes by i hate it more and more each day. 
it's as dry as a wheat grass! it looks like a broom head! (at least broom head has straight hair!) okay, i'm not complaining that i wan straight hair now, but the thing about curls, you gotta keep looking after it. i did all i can, i even leave my conditioner on without rinsing it (with hopes that the dryness would go off) but well, it fail terribly. i even put all sorts of curling lotion or whatsoever, it just makes it look static . and now when it's short, you can't do anything but to wait for it to grow long and then cut off the stupid damn curls. 
it's soo tangled up now (seeing that you can't brush through it)

i went to Penang (after so many months of being shopping "dehydrated") i've splurge on anything i can find. 
i went for  budget shopping by trying to save as much as i can . (no more looking at branded thing lah, it's a waste of money because i seldom wear repeated clothes, so better look for cheap clothes)
so from top left i got this crop top from Moris (this awesome boutique shop) and this trending oversize t-shirt from the same shop too. The red flats are from Brands Outlet , the black lace top is from Kitschen. (my closet is full of Kitschen clothes!) and the tuck in shorts are from Moris too,(which i regretted it later, cuz it's a bit big on me) and the black skirt from Seed@ Padini. 
how's that for Rm200? 

tadaa! picture stolen from Kitschen Facebook page!
i'm a big lover on Kitschen! no kidding, bring me to any mall, i'll be going to Kitschen first! i wish they have more variety because everytime i go, i still see the same old clothes from last season. 
Nichii is Kitschen's sister shop, but i'm not a fan of it, because it offers clothes that are meant for older girls. 

see how my hair looks like here?? 
so messy TnT
and yeah, i do not have double eye lids! only wearing fake eye lashes can result to double eyelids! my friends said they prefer me as monolids as they don't see any difference between my double eyelid and my non-double eye lid. 
so from this picture, i think i'm having second thoughts. 

just last week, we have a big thing going on at school. The babes and dudes had a big commotion going on at an empty classroom where all of us stood and voice out our thoughts on our particular friend to tell her what we do not like about her.  
it was pretty scary at first, but i don't know if it's going to be amiable after that, it was pretty awkward of course! i see us as a group, and i was having this flashes that we were tearing apart into two!
but in the end, i think all the awkwardness fades on, but i still think we haven't been talking much to her. 
oh well, i wrote it out because i find this thing interesting in that week. 
colors up my life a little.

! Happy birthday platypus!



  1. too short? i think is okay! cause u gonna kill a lot of guys! hahahaha

  2. You look really lovely!! I like your outfit, it's very elegant and chic :)

    ♥ Maho

  3. You look stunning! I really love your outfit! You can never go wrong with a black sexy outfit! yeah! <3 loveit

    Hope you can check my blog back?


  4. you're so sexy!!! very fabulous! I love this outfit on you :D


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  6. Great blog!

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  7. Wow, u look great in that outfit! And u're such a pretty gal! Thks for coming by & leaving your wonderful note! I'm following u at GFC & BlogLovin & would love to have u follow me too.

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  8. it's not too short lol

  9. OMG! sexyyyy! and i love shirts from moris and kitschen too!

  10. awesome purchases! love your necklace and top, looking gorgeous! xx

    Letters To Juliet

  11. Black is Always so gorgous! Sure I wanna follow, I follow you with google let me know when you follow me with facebook or bloglovin

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  13. the outfit looks good on you! i like the lace top. :D

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  16. Love your outfit! I think you look great chick! :))

  17. It should be okay to wear like this.Well. all the best for the sem2 exam! :)

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  19. Could you be any sexier..? Look at you, how fabulous you look in these latest fashion clothes.. :)

  20. That dress is so lovely and sexy on you. Your belly is so pretty, your legs are amazing and that shot from the back is SO exciting and I enjoyed it so much. Wow! Gorgeous!


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