Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tea Garden Alor Setar review

it's my first time doing a food review in ALOR SETAR! my own hometown!
i choosed Tea Garden because i truly think this is the only place where people can really HANG OUT!
people don't just hang out and chit chat, they have fun, playing games while having their drinks and snacks. Tea Garden has it all!

This are their menu! but what i like best other than drinks and desserts are their western food and snacks!
damn, i really think it's really worthwhile trying it. 
here are a few of them

i bet this is the famous snacks of all, because it's the bottomless french fries!!
you can eat and refill it again and again and again! limitless! the french fries are also crispy too! everytime i go to Tea Garden i'll be ordering this without even thinking what to order!

wanna eat something filling? you can eat crispy chicken with thai sauce with rice! so you can even have your regular meals here!!

i remember the first time i came to Tea Garden, i tried their chicken drummet, it was really crispy! and not like other shops, their chicken tend to be bony, but this seems meaty enough to eat!

i personally didn't try this yet, but i've been there loads of time to know that this dish is a favorite among the customers. seem nice right? will try it one day

they have really nice interior too! you can choose whether you want to sit at the chairs, or the cushions! or even better the one behind me!
i always choose this place though. 

they have this! which make it really special and worth spending your time for hours there!
they not even have Jenga, but they have monopoly, Uno cards (tons of them), poker (loads), sticks, chess, board games and tons of magazine. 
one suggestion to them, put MONOPOLY cards! i love monopoly cards! they should have a pack of it!

my gang of friends~ we were split into two groups though

the place~ it's always pack at night. 

and this is the last time i went there. even with a group of four of us, i didn't wan to leave so early. 

we sat like a boss in there.
on the whole account, i only manage to refill the french fries five times (which is quite a lot)

and the highest Jenga i did was this. 

Tea Garden is the ultimate hangout place , you can drink, eat, snack, play games with your friends, read magazines and ALSO
you can bring your homework here to study too! their wifi surprisingly is not that lag the last time i tried it. 

Tea Garden is situated at Jalan Putra (opposite Sentosa, right beside Kek Sayang)

for more information, you can check out their facebook page and take a look at their food and location! and the feedback of the customers!

i know people will say i'm a hypocrite. because there was a time i didn't like the dessert, but if you want me to rate the place i wan to hang out at, i'll give Tea Garden 5/5. 
besides, i really like their snacks and food!


*Tea Garden is a franchise, you can find branches all over Malaysia*


  1. Wow! It's a very nice place to hang out~ I believe we have about similar place here, but less spacious, and not as nice~ Tea Garden has so many choices for menu! xD
    Would like to visit there someday~ :"D

  2. halo... we from tea garden... we will add on monoply card... thanks for supporting us... ;)

  3. halo... we from tea garden... we will add on the monoply card... thanks for supporting us... ;)


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