Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fast and Furious 6 review

just after my last day of semester 2 exam, me, shi yun, Yk, esther , low and dan went to catch the last show for the day. it's the 2nd showing of Fast and Furious 6, and seeing that Big Cinema had limited choice of movies, and since it's a boy's film, we just go and watch it. 
honestly, i spend half my time asking Dan what is going on? who's the bad guy? Why she do this? 

I've only watched one series of Fast and Furious, and that is Tokyo Drift. 
(that's because the theme song sounds nice and i watch it just to hear their background music . O.O Oh me god)
but ok,this time is full of action pack! no more those racing all for nothing (like the first few series)
 there was one part where it left my mouth agape wide open. 
this Vin Diesel guy (the bald fellow?) can jump up for like what? 12 feet with just to push the girl (who was flying high too) right into an oncoming car. 

Even James Bond film don't have this kind of action thingy .

and oh my god!
hahaha, so funny! right after show, we snap a few pictures.
this picture randomly snap a guy with his nose stuck in with some kind of tampon looking thing. 
(just kidding! it was just a nose breather for people who have stuffy nose)

last picture! right after that, we went to Fresh to eat dinner. 
it was pretty early after we eat so we were wandering around where to go. 
so finally, we give in with the boys, and follow them go cybercafe. 
it was the first time i experience this. no kidding, the whole place is full of foul words flying around! lol!
i went back after 30 minutes because i couldn't find anything interesting to do except watching Wrong Turn 5 on the computer screen. 

this is my Dad! hahaha
anyway, Pengajian Am(general paper)'s answer is out! my Dad is marking the paper, so he has the answer scheme. 
anyone interested can chatbox me!
on facebook or blog!

playing in a symphony concert tonight and tomorrow night!
no kidding, we have been practicing from 9 am to 5 pm in the evening with only 45 minutes lunch break!



  1. until now i still dont get to watch!!! :O

  2. hahahhaa nice post !

    All the best for the concert !

    I posted today about Kodanad, a rescue elephants training centre in our place, hope it will be an interesting read to you:)

  3. All the best in your symphony concert! Been to one recently and i must say, high school kids nowadays are so talented! :)

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