Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ann got urticaria (hives)

  readers, do not scroll down the pictures if you really can't stand feeling itchy after you saw my hives. this is just a part of my side left back (some of them were under my clothes) and it is pretty much worst, cuz the photo is not that sharp enough. 
i develop this rashes (hives)(science speaking-Urticaria) during my third days stay in SABAH (east Malaysia)
i went to see the skin doctor today and by one look, he told me that it was an insect bite that causes me to have hives.
true~i was climbing mountain to go for a canopy walk, guess i was bitten by something obliviously.

 my right had was the first to start getting itchy, it was sooo unbearable that i wish i can tear the whole skin off.
when you have allergic to any substance (in my case, the insect bite)
our body releases histamine and other chemicals into your bloodstream. This causes itching, swelling,The hives may get bigger, spread, and join together to form larger areas of flat, raised skin. 

 my un-sexy back. if you can just squint your eyes and look the right side of my back, you can see all the small dots all over my back.
definetly a total screaming nightmare everytime i stare at myself in the mirror.
totally a screaming nightmare each time i went to the toilet and had a good look at myself.
i look so terrible!!! T.T

 my hip. its atcually much worst than the picture, cuz as i said so before, this camera didn't focus clearly on it though, so it's a bit light. my hip was a living nightmare this morning. so is my back! atcually last night i had hives all over the side of my back, but by the time i woke up this morning, i burst into tears because the thing spread till all over my stomach and legs and even right across my chest !

 tadaa! you would NOT want to see me naked! nah~~it be a dreadful sight.
so the only thing that is not really pleasant is that it itches ! seriously itches till you have to bite or gnaw onto something to distract yourself from scratching it. but each time i look at my own hands, i've already had goosebumps all over.
(small dots of clumps really make me goose the pimples out of me)

 and there you go! it spread to my neck and chest just overnight!
just by one night, it attacked it soo fast! imagine if i just leave it untreated by another week, i'll be covered in spots! (imagine a pink dalmation)
even if i didn't scratch it, the spots would just appear by its own.

 my once pretty thigh~ sigh~~ T^T

 i can't stand to look at my own hads. each time i look, my whole body started to itch and i have goosebump again.
i know you guys would just ask me to shut up and wear a blindfold or something.
but you TEND to look, you have that kind of hunger that you need to just run off to the mirror and stare at the spots hoping for it to disappear.
i am really itching right now. and it's really suffering to look at how my skin become like that. 

 one last look at my hives
just squint and you will see all the bumps. 
its everywhere! all over my body! dad say i'm fortunate that it didn't grow on my face! now i was really worried! because i have hives even on my neck.near my jawbone. would is spread till my face! Oh no~~~
i really freaking hope it will be alright! i googled all the information that i need!
i hope i can help those who have Urticaria (hives) out there too!

  1. 1.avoid hot bath! (i tried it just now, and the redness of the bumps become lighter, so i guess it works to soften the inflammation)

2.avoid irritating the are with tight fitting clothing (in my case, i wear a singlet because i need to put some sort of medication cream on my spots)

you can try to rub ice cubes all over your spots to decrease the itchiness, but it's just temporary basis. 

what the doctor prescribed for urticaria (hives)

1.Fexofin-180 (fexofenadine) 
-a lot of people are taking this and a lot of good feedbacks. i've just started taking my first pill today, it was said to have work withint 2-6 hours. i didn't find any differences on me, but i shall wait for the result to happen after two days. it is said to prevent histamine to form (which means, no swelling and no itching!)
Note: do not eat the pill with fruit juices! it will dissolve the whole thing and it be completely useless. so drink it with plain water!

2.Aerius 5mg 
-this is used to relieve the symptoms of allergy reaction. 

3. the yellow yellow pill that i don't know.
apparently, i think the yellow pills play an important role, because he gave me two packs ! after eating two doses per day for one pack, i have to eat another but i will decrease one dose by then.

4. medicated cream for my hives.
(i'm using it the 2nd time now. i think it helps soothen the whole swelling thing, but i'm still itching like mad)

sorry guys for the pictures, may seem rude or disturbing to some others, but i snap it to keep track of my progress and also to tell others how to cope with it.
i'm entering my fourth day in it, first day for treatment~
the results differ based on individual's immune system

so i am really praying and hoping that it'll be heal soon after the 2nd day of medication! i really hope so! because it's really unbearable~~



  1. oh my god that's terrible
    hope that medicine really works and you get your pretty face back 'gain :)

  2. get well soon ann! and feel better <3

  3. H1 (antihistamines) and H2 (antacids) combined really help with hives. (Studies show this and I also have used this with my hives :) Idk what the brand names are in your country, but you should try it out :)
    <3, Mel

  4. Ohhh too bad Ann! I did have hives before from excessive seafoods I ate. :( I understand how you feel. Take your meds and the ointments. It'll heal soon. Don't scratch indeed so it won't leave ugly marks on the skin. *hugs*

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  5. Oh gosh I wish you a speedy recovery! I'm following your blog now :)


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