Wednesday, December 12, 2012

beauty contest activity day one

tadaa~ again, i hope i'm not infringing any thing by stealing most of the pictures in this post.
day one~ we were suppose to meet up in this seafood restaurant for our photos taken and to listen to a bit of briefing about what will be install for us for the next session.
so yar, there you have it, the top 20.

this beauty contest has a theme, which is for sunny bright girls. so basically, you have to be really joyful and have that kind of joyous personality.
this is the picture chosen for my future online voting.

during the briefing~
we girls are really tired for the whole day, our mood was washed off by the end of the day, so you can see how tired we were in pictures.
there'll be a whole load of activities installed for us, i give you guys updates after i attend each and everyone of them.

caught in motion~me biting my fingers~ uh oh
there are rules after that, saying we could not wear heels more or shorter than 3 inches. 
uh oh again~ here comes miss shorty ann.
haha, but anyway, most of my heels are 3 inches precise.
most of the competitors are mostly singers if i have stalk them well. (uh oh again) yup, they all have talents, they can sing or either dance. 

me and esther
you see, i was suppose to wait and fetch her go to this place but then ended up waiting for 30 minutes and then went to another place to meet her up.
in the end, we two were lost, we didn't even know where we suppose to go.
we were late for the meeting for 15 minutes and after a few phone calls and a few turns of error, we manage to caught sight of the restaurant!

kolej girls~
we're the only bunch who were studying in our pre-university.

and~ here it is~ our group photo and the newspaper cutting of us.
our bio data were also stated clearly in the newspaper article too.

anyway guys, i'll be off to Sabah tomorrow for 6 days~
i'm gonna take a one week leave from blogging!~!
but do feel free to comment and when i get back, i be sure to visit you guys as always!



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