Saturday, December 8, 2012

infront of the mirror

applying mascara~
i try to go trough many shots to make my photo look creative, so i did this mirror shot which looks kind of epic.
normally in magazine, they blur your original body and sharpen your reflected image .
and here's a post question

Why do women open their mouths whenever they apply mascara?

applying lipstick~ wet and wild pinkish lipstick~
i didn't realize my hair is that long already.
i really should do something to it, my last hair cut was like 7 months ago.
this is terrible! i wanted to get my fringe cut, but just yesterday my sister said i look fugly with bangs..
really? i think i look younger with bangs, but oh well, i think i just leave it be for the moment.

butterflies in my hair~

side potrait of a young malaysian~
let's talk about my daily life now.
today was the worst day ever!
not only i was left alone in the house for the whole morning, i was late for my photoshoot! seriously late!!!
and my parents keep bugging me to get back home by 4pm
i know what they are thinking, they probably think i'm taking the chances to go wild myself 
they always think i did something really wrong.
i'm gonna be 19 next year!
19~!!! that's like such an old age!!!
i'm not a little girl anymore..

i didn't eat for 18 damn hours!! 
yar, 18 hours~ i was too nervous to eat breakfast in the morning, so i skipped it, how on earth would i know that the photoshoot will take us till 4 in the afternoon, so there! i starve myself from last night till that afternoon.
wee~~ i feel stick thin.
seriously! i was happy but when i got back home and weigh myself, my weight increased 1 pound.
*pau face*
i don't understand at all!
and i thought there will be food at home when i got back, but it turns out that i have to cook my own meal.
i fried rice the first time in my whole entire 18years of life!
i feel like a boss




  1. I think it's easier to apply masacara when the mouth is open because by opening the mouth the whole skin of the fac gets kind of stretched and flattened, the eyes become a bit larger so it's easier to apply mascara.
    However I also think it's only a question of practice. I can apply masacara with closed mouth now, maybe because I put on make-up for 6 years now XD

  2. strange I don't open my mouth while applying mascara:) and well this bad day turn it into an experience and remember to carry a protein bar next time you leave home :)

    ps:you are dayumn cute!

  3. weird~i don't open my mouth when i do that?~

  4. I totally agree with you, I always open my mouth when I apply mascara :)

  5. Haha! You are so right about women opening their mouths when applying mascara!!!!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

  6. nice cute pics! and i do... open my mouth when I apply mascara. hahaha!!!!
    if you didnt mention it, i would not even think about it

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  7. Love your hair! :) So long and shiny! :)

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  10. wow love these photos - you are si cute!

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