Sunday, December 9, 2012

灿烂美少女 Ymm beauty audition

I don't know if this is infringing the rules for stealing their pictures. but it was meant for sharing, so i don't think it's against the rules to have it post up at my blog. 
but anyway, can you spot me? i'm number three from left above. 
i have my friends together which is number one, shi yun, and number four, esther!

akward position~~i regretted wearing this, i should have worn something much better and pretty. 
i thought it was just a close audition, where you know, people just dress up in jeans and t-shirt and walk in without make up. 
haha, so i guess i'm a little too simple for that. 
plus i'm short, they ask me to fill up all my particular.
i'm wearing heels that make me look like i'm 167cm, but in reality, i'm 10cm shorter.

the judges~
that moment when you saw them during the day, and still meet one of them at night during a wedding dinner.
but anyway, they ask me a few things about my music background, since i was practically boasting my way through it. ahaha, since i'm short, flat chested (can't believe the girl atcually measured a 30 for my bust line) and not really that pretty, i might as well find a strong point in me.

one finishing pic before i go.
they had the result announced that night, but i didn't get any messages.
i was really crest fallen, since both my friends had got through it, except me.
but then when i went back home and view their page, my picture was inside the semi-finalist list!
more updates about our activities later on.
we have catwalk lesson, make up lesson, dance classes, free facial and spa
pretty impressive!!

and here, please click to like this page!
YMM is a youth moving non-profit organization.
it's in chinese, so i don't really know how to translate it.
but i'm helping to promote it as it is a platform for all youth to expand their horizon.
erm..something like that.

YMM Alor Star branch



  1. cute outfit girlie!


  2. Ohh how cute!
    Thank you so much sweety,oh course you can,
    I really appreciate it !
    Good luck with your blog

  3. that's so of luck for future and you know what they say "confidence is the best makeup" :) enjoyyyy

  4. wow!!! you're so amazing!! i always want to participate in this kind of competition but never have the guts, plus i'm not confident..
    congratulations!!! :)

  5. Thanks ♥♥

    I'll try to do the tutorial :)

    I think that you're really pretty girl ! Can we vote for you ?

  6. great post nice photos!!!! Maybe we follow each other on GFC & Bloglovin!? let me know - if yes follow me & i´ll follow back :) greetings

  7. Congratulations for getting through!

  8. So cute Ann! Don't worry! Beauty is from within! Hope you win!
    I can't seem to find the page. The links go straight to the photos. :(
    Let me know the link and how else I can help and vote for you if ever. :)
    Good luck dear! Happy weekend!

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  11. you're looking sweet!
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  12. Love your blog and your pics! How'd you like to visit my blog too and if you like we could follow one another and keep in touch?

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  14. You are so lovely!!

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    kiss kiss

  15. congrats for your acceptances on the contest! you look so cute and lovely, i think being short and flat chested will not stop you from being chosen as finalist :)

  16. You looks amazing!
    I'll be checking back here regularly
    XO K.

  17. It's totally fine being a 'small' girl with a big talent ;) just found your blog and it's pretty nice :)

  18. Thank you for visit my blog. I'm now following you. Kisses.

  19. Super cute outfit. I really love the belt. I've been trying to find one similar with a bow in it.


  20. you look so beautiful!

    X Jenny

  21. Hi Beauty! Great post and blog;)! If you don't mind I'm your new follower, hava a nice day!

  22. Congrats on getting through!! you're soooo cute and take beautiful pictures! I'm sure you'll be very succescful in that competition! Good luck, sweetie!

    xx Tatiana

  23. I do really love your blog¡ I´m starting a new blog, do you want us follow each other? xoxo.

  24. You look really nice :)

    hope you come look at my blog too xo

  25. wooww amazing!!!♥♥

  26. congrats dear! u are so cute. Goodluck for the successful on the competition!

    mind to check myblog?

  27. dear?!
    now you can follow me:)♥♥

  28. really like your syle!
    you were so cuuute!

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  29. I think you look beautiful with that dress! :) I wish you win! haha great blog anyway, check out mine? if you like it you could follow be back <3 (if you want, of course)xx

  30. Hii Ann!!!( ・v・) ノ
    Thank you very much for read, comment and follow my blog! I really appreciate your words!(;w;)♥ I really try to do it bilingual because I do not think I'm very good in English ^^U
    Congratulations in your audition, you are so cute!!>__<
    And of course I will follow your blog!(^ω^)
    Have a great week! bye bye!;3

  31. great look! adorable dress:) thank you so much for following dear:)) I am now following you too on GFC!!:)would you like to also follow each other on twitter, facebook and bloglovin?? keep in touch darling! by the way, I have a new post now and would love to know your opinion on it!!


  32. Awe you're so cute! You totally look like my childhood best friend!
    <3, Mel

  33. Awesome post!

    Like your blog. We can follow each other of you want.

    Many kisses,


  34. You still look absolutely amazing!!
    Lemonwood and Honey


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