Sunday, December 23, 2012

ZenQ Dessert at Kota Kinabalu

People all around the world. this is the finest and the most mouth watering dessert treat i've ever tasted in my whole entire life.
i happen to be at walking down the Gaya street of kota kinabalu in search of something to satisfy my sweet tooth, and here i am, i  found this shop.
this is the toast series, do note that it is not normal bread, it is danish toast so when you dig into it, oh my, it's crispy on the outside and soft inside.
it cost around Rm16.90 i think, its a portion for two people and above.
i HIGHLY recommend you guys to try it out!!

the lemon sorbet thingy~
sour to overcome all the sweetness we had.

tadaa, reminds me of snowflakes, just that, this ingredient seems much more! you can create your own toppings too! so, walah, this is the topping my mum created. damn, i prefer this than snowflakes because snowflakes ice is just too much, while this is just enough for my appetite.

tadaa, the shop! they have another branch in Sunway Pyramid too, so west and east malaysia can have their own share of taste.
they have it in GURNEY , Penang too! 
goodness, i just know that after i googled their website.
haha, i'm coming back for you!!

one last picture of this once in a lifetime moment. 
i can never forget that taste, it was the best damn dessert i've ever eaten.



  1. emmm yummy !!!
    Love to have one spoon of them!

  2. Wonderful photos! Yummy foodies! Hope to get a taste of these! :) Hope you'll have a great time my dear! :)

    Hope you can visit me again dear!

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  3. Appetizing appearance! :)
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  4. Btw, I would go to Malaysia in the near future. Can you give me suggestions on places I should visit?

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  5. Thanks! I follow you, too :)
    Merry christmas, Nadine ♥

  6. looks great and maybe tastes even better :D (drooling)

  7. Wow that looks delicious! Happy holidays to you :)

  8. "Best Damn Dessert"
    Sounds like something I would say too!
    Following you now :)


  9. uuum yummy dessert~
    btw you look a like my friend~ and now i really miss her :3

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  10. thank you~
    yes, she is really like you.
    hehe btw are you new fashion blogger?

  11. no, my blog is my daily too like you.
    just post about what i want to share~
    not 100% Fashion :3

  12. aww, it's look really delicious !

  13. haha that food looks really yummy c: and merry christmas to you too <3

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  16. The food look delicious~ *Q*
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