Thursday, September 6, 2012

Star Cruise Libra Gala dinner food

one happy family! weeee
see that basket of bread overthere? yar, we were so damn hungry until we ate all THREE baskets of breads. And plainly because the western cuisine is too westernize for our taste buds. 
anyway, you can choose either the western or the oriental.
This is the salmon, our appetizer for the day. So far so good as long as you don't care about the rawness of everything on it. 
Chicken katsu. The only food that i can eat it without thinking of throwing up. Haha.. 
there's also the mushroom soup (pictures unavailable) which was UNEATABLE for me. >W< maybe i couldn't stand the black bean smell, i couldn't even get myself to look at it, one sniff and it ruin my whole apetite. it was a torture to finish that up though, but thankfully the waitress didn't even blink when she collected my bowl.
smoked salmon with pasta. 
Okay, the salmon seems great, but the pasta is plain and tastless. (or am i suppose to dip it with any dressings?)
lol, but i couldn't finish it because the mushroom soup spoils my taste buds. 
My dad got the half cook beef steak! I don't eat beef though but i dig into his fried potatoes. mmm..
Tiramisu layer cake!
the only food that i can manage to eat it all up and ask for more!

anyway, don't mind me, but this western food is TOO westernize for me, either that or i'm not use to it. 


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