Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm officially eighteen

I wore this on the night of my birthday! The bag was one of my birthday gift too!heeeee thank you thank you!
how does eighteen feels like? the fact that you can walk into the cruise ship casino smiling brightly flashing your identification card proudly? or the fact that you can now watch the goriest movie and violent rated show on the cinema? ( i doubt that makes any difference since they don't really care how old u r)

Anyway, everybody had the exam bug to bother about birthdays . Haha, anyway exam sucks TERRIBLY. The worst was Perniagaan (business studies) i have no idea what i am suppose to write because i have no idea what the question is asking. I read the EXACT same question THREE TIMES and i couldn't even write a single alphabet in it. Nothing makes sense.
I HATE reading subjects that are all full of words. NOTHING but words!
that is why i couldn't get myself to understand any of it.
you see let me analyse other subjects.
PA: this is general knowledge, so it ain't that hard to understand
Economics: even though it's not meant for ppl to understand, at least it consist of calculations and graph which u can interpret it .
BM: i think i finally get the hang of FONOLOGY, it's just like a concept
Business studies: a hell of a pain, because we need to write LONG LONG essays (not based on general knowledge bt based on what we had read)

anyway, forget about it. I feel like a dead crab thinking at what pointer i'm going to get. zzzz
anyway, i went back early right after exam. Guess what? I just got the news that all of us that went home early had a big fat yellow paper slap right across our faces.
Yup, the discipline paper..

Bite my lips~~ hey, i realize my fringe had grown quite long already. I'm just waiting for it to grow till the right length where i can hook it around my ear so that i don't need to keep mis-eating it whenever i eat.
but my forehead is really quite UNBELIEVABLE!
maybe it's because i stay up quite late these days, making it look like Himalaya great volcano *BOOM!* erupt, and then erupt again and the erupt ! bleauUUUURGH!!!!!!!!!!

 anyway, they did plan want to go to Jitra for a half day trip tomorrow, but HECK! nope, everybody given up the idea after one after another said that they couldn't stay till late at night. ><
so where to hang out huh? no nice movie in the cinema, just last two week sing karaoke, just last two week play bowling (but i kinda like to play bowling) haha.
and all our hang out consist of food.
FOOD here, FOOD there..after go pizza, after go  lorong sharriff eat laksa, after go KFC, after go Mcdonald, after go eat roti canai..
if i'm not fat, all chicken wear pants!
enough is enough! haha
anyway, i couldn't stop myself from jumping up and down after H&M officially opens at LOT 10 on the 22nd september!
dang, they had the newspaper ads with LANA del REY (my all time favourite sexy voice pouty lips singer!)
girls clothes start from Rm19.90 above!
not bad eh, i thought it would be pricey pricey but i checked up and it's totally affordable!
but it's in Bukit Bintang, KL
ever since my sister stop working there, my trip to KL had just dipped down.


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  1. yellow paper? serious?...a teacher threaten me with that b4...hahaha...did u get it?...i want to see!!!


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