Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kpop revolution

i think the Kpop phenomenon is really spreading to the whole wide world. After being influence by fellow friends about how great kpop is, their music video is the best (even though some of their music is a bit stereotype)
i don't know why other country music video just seem to lack of somthing, but kpop music video just had the best quality and choreograph .
that is just my perspective though, don't have to shoot me for anything .
anyway, i've been staying back school quite a lot of times these days to practice on Roly Poly - T-ara
i'm a slow learner, not some kind of intermediate or advance dancer.
i'm more interested in the outfit though..haha..all bright and colourful and wonderful.
there are four girls and one boy in that dance
me, Yong, Shi yun , Esther and choon siang..

They dance oppa gangnam style too which i couldn't catch up (i'm sooo slow like a slow poke =='')
but on that night i got another performance which is Secret by one republic.
i took a few moments to analyse which song i'm gonna choose. I couldn't find any suitable fast track song because nowadays song are full of raps with flat melodies.
and furthermore, the whole night is full of KPOP songs, i guess somebody wants to hear something different eh?
and furthermore, there will be teachers there, so they want to hear something soothing other than rap and hard rock , right?
just hope i make the right choice though..
*nervous smile*

kay, i'm going to this four hours intensive dance prac at school now
hope to sheds off some kilograms to fit into my red jeans >w<

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